Suggestion Box Suggestions – Custom Printing

Have you ever had a hard time getting employees to use the suggestions box at your company? Employee suggestions are some of the most valuable ideas employers can come across, but sometimes getting feedback can be like pulling teeth.

One problem may be the box itself: studies have shown that a box on the wall that is the same color as the wall itself (or, in some cases, the same color as any other box in a room full of boxes) is much more likely to be ignored by most workers. On the other hand, a brightly contrasting box that stands out is not only more likely to solicit suggestions from the staff, it is also more likely to contain actual suggestions, not just abusive comments, as is sometimes the case when suggestion box buy-in is not widespread.

Similarly, have you ever placed a ballot box for the general public to use, perhaps to fill out personal information and enter a contest? Again, the visual aspect of the box itself matters a great deal. It will have to be bright and colorful enough to catch the eyes of the public in a public place, and it will have to be friendly and/or exciting enough to make them want to place a piece of paper inside with their name and number. Custom printing on a corrugated ballot box is the best option for this method of customer engagement.

We humans are highly visual creatures. Colors and patterns on boxes affect our desire to interact with them. If you want people to fill your ballot box with little pieces of paper, you’ll have to have a very special box with the right imagery and the right messaging. We recommend a custom print job, and if you’re wondering, yes, Custom Boxes Now! can help.