Customize Your Shipping Box

Choose from a Variety of Ways to Customize Your Packaging

Box Customization Options

At Custom Boxes Now, our goal is to help you create custom shipping boxes to meet your needs, whether you’re hoping to enhance your customer’s unboxing experience, protect your products during shipping or step up your brand recognition.

To create the perfect package, you can select from our wide range of available box types and customize your order with the following options.

Material Colors

The color of your custom box is one of the first things recipients will notice. With Custom Boxes Now, you can choose a more subtle style with a kraft-colored box, the blank slate of a white box or the bold, standout look of a full, custom-colored box (flood coated with print).

Which color you choose will depend on your budget and branding, as well as your priorities for your boxes. Visit our box material colors page to find out more about the advantages of each custom finish.

Printing Types

Adding a design, logo or message to customize your boxes is a great way to help your business get recognized and create positive impressions on your customers. At Custom Boxes Now, we offer three options for printing your artwork, including:

  • Flexographic printing: This most basic form of printing uses custom-made printing plates to apply ink to your boxes. 
  • Digital printing: Best for short runs or prints with multiple versions, this printing type applies the ink directly to your boxes without plates.
  • Litho laminating: Your custom artwork is printed onto paper and then laminated onto the cardboard to achieve photorealistic images and intricate designs.

If you need help determining which type of printing will work best for your custom boxes, get in touch with your team at Custom Boxes Now. We’ll talk through your desired results and determine which printing method is the best match.

Box Strength

You need boxes that will stand up to whatever you put them through, arrive in one piece and protect their contents, but you don’t want to pay for more strength than you need. Custom Boxes Now offers all of our box options in three strength levels — standard, strong and extra strong.

Our standard strength, single-walled corrugated cardboard works well with products up to 50 lbs, while our double-walled extra strength corrugated cardboard protects items up to 100 lbs. We subject each of our materials to a rigorous edge crush test to ensure their durability.

Box Sizes

One of the most important features of a custom box is its size. The box must be large enough to fit your products but not so large that they jostle around or require additional padding. Your team at Custom Boxes Now can create any style box in whatever size you need, down to 1/16th of an inch, to ensure the perfect fit every time.

Start Building Your Custom Box

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