Featured Customer: Cooper’s Coffee

Let’s be honest: few things are as important as coffee. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning…it’s the perfect excuse to take a break at work…it’s a safe topic of conversation in these politically divided times.

That’s why when Cooper’s Coffee asked us to design boxes for their amazing (and truly eye-opening) products, we jumped at the chance like a jumping coffee bean. We also used it as another reason to immediately go out and get a cup of coffee. (You know…for quality assurance purposes).

Now, we’re thrilled to introduce them as our latest Featured Client!

But as you’ll soon see, we didn’t even need any extra caffeine to get us jazzed up about creating a special product for this awesome company.

Read on to learn more about what makes Cooper’s Coffee so great.

The Story of Cooper’s
Just when you think things can’t get any better, the folks at Cooper’s go and combine a few of the best things in the world: coffee, whiskey, and rum.

While there’s no alcohol in this master brew, they use the same process of barrel aging as everyone’s favorite spirits. The brilliant minds behind this boozy coffee mélange discovered that aging the beans in barrels before they’re roasted gives them a much stronger – not to mention truly unique –flavor.

Little known fun fact: A Cooper is actually the profession of creating those wooden whiskey barrels and casks.

And the best part of their one-of-a-kind concoction? This flavorful coffee contains NO artificial flavoring. There are NO added syrups, NO sugars, and NO potentially dangerous chemicals. Instead, Cooper’s believes that real coffee should be strong enough to stand on its own, pun totally intended.

If you’re tired of having to pour mountains of cream and use half your daily intake of sugar just to make your coffee taste good, then Cooper’s is certainly for you. The team behind it, friends Jason and John, wanted to take coffee drinkers back to a time when it was all about the integrity of the beans themselves.

Just good, flavorful coffee. No bells and whistles required.

The result? Coffee that’s simply heavenly. You can’t go wrong with their Rum barrel aged coffee, nor with their Whiskey barrel aged blend. Can’t decide? Don’t worry – there are options that make sampling easy! (Oh, hello, perfect Father’s Day gift!)

What We Created for Cooper’s Coffee
When Cooper’s approached us about helping them with their packaging, we knew we needed to create a box that was durable, on-brand, and that would get Cooper’s customers excited about what was inside! And in keeping with their brand identity, we wanted to make sure their products always arrive in style, so the designer went with Cooper’s classic black-and-white colors.

Cooper’s designer, Max Colebrook, designed the layout of the box, which included the logo right across the top of the box, so customers would know exactly what was coming. We then completed the design by adding a screen printed look to the text on the bottom, and a scanning barcode to the back.

To ensure that nothing slides around, we created an especially strong box that is also easy to open (because, come on, who wants to fight with cumbersome packaging before their first cup o’joe in the morning?) And for our industry-insider’s perspective, we just love the folded inserts inside, because they combine clean lines with convenience.

On the sides of the box, Max took advantage of the prime real estate by printing information about what’s inside – talk about branding efficiently. We wouldn’t be a bit surprised if even the postman is jealous!

We’re thrilled to know that the folks at Cooper’s Coffee are happy with the products we delivered, saying:

“We tried sourcing from overseas. The pricing was higher, the quality wasn’t great, and it took at least 30 days to get it. Now we can place an order for 3,000 units and get it within a week for a lower cost, higher quality gift box made in the USA. Can’t beat that.”

We certainly agree! We look forward to working with Cooper’s in the future.

Love Cooper’s Coffee? Intrigued by their story? Be sure to check out their super cool blog for more tips on how to brew the best cup of coffee possible. Your energy level will thank you!

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