Featured Customer: Storybook Cosmetics

Do you want to feel like a Princess – even when you’re just waiting in line to buy cat food at Target? Every girl knows the right makeup can have you feeling like royalty, no matter where you are.

Well, nothing can help you pull off that Cinderella look like your very own Fairy Godmother. Luckily, our latest Featured Client, Storybook Cosmetics, has three of them, at your service!

Once Upon a Time…
Identical triplets Erin, Mandy, and Missy Maynard have always harbored a love of and fascination for fairytales and magic. And even before the magical launch of Storybook Cosmetics, each of the sisters already had their very own successful online business – so they know the ins and outs of creating successful branded packaging.

In fact, Erin is even a past Custom Boxes Now Customer! We helped to create the custom packaging for her Fandom of the Month Subscription Box Service.

Now, these three sisters have joined forces to create their most successful passion project to date, Storybook Cosmetics. And due to our fast turnaround times, consistent, dedicated customer service, and the overall great experience Erin had with us the first time, they’re back!

With write-ups in Racked, Refinery 29, and Allure Magazine, it’s safe to say the sisters have found their proverbial pot of gold – in fact, their brush set based on wizarding wands sold out almost instantly.

They’ve expanded their range of brush sets to include a Quill & Ink eyeliner kit, and our favorite, whimsical brushes that look like roses. They also offer an eyeshadow palette made to look like a book of fairytales, and liquid lipstick to give you that enviable Snow White pout.

Creating the Perfect Box
When the sisters approached us about their custom box, we knew we had to create packaging that highlights how magical Storybook Cosmetics really is. But we also wanted to nail the difficult balancing act between the branding of Storybook Cosmetics and the more general theme of fairytales themselves.

Everyone knows the most important part of a fairytale is the beginning. That’s why from the time we were all little kids, even just hearing that iconic phrase: Once upon a time evoked excitement, knowing what was coming next. So our goal was to bring to life a box that would pay homage to the beginning of a fairytale, to instill that same excitement when customers open up their box.

We love Storybook Cosmetics’ choice of lettering. The calligraphy-based design of the letter “S” really sets the tone. Anyone even remotely familiar with fairytales will recognize the scripted scrolling element that starts so many of the classics. We think their loopy but legible script, combined with the natural elements of leaves and flowers surrounding the “S” really make a statement. Simple, elegant, classic. Just like all our favorite fairytales.

In terms of the printing itself, we were thrilled that this box gave Custom Boxes Now’s printing capabilities a chance to shine. The flexo printing process really pulled off the hand-drawn, tale-as-old-as-time look.

The light blue-green color of the box allows the stamped “S” to be the central focus, which we think really helps to build anticipation. And the design of the box itself – a C-Series self-locking box – means easy set up and assembly, so the team at Storybook Cosmetics can pack up a shipment and get it out the door in no time. Not to mention it’s sturdy enough to support and protect the delicate products inside throughout the shipping process – without making it impossible for customers to open it upon arrival.

Ready to Take Your Boxes from Beast to Beauty?
Are you ready to take the next step in your online business? Thinking about starting your own subscription based products? Boxes of the month are all the rage – and our Beginner’s Guide is just the place to get started.

Not the creative type? Don’t worry…you don’t have to work your own design magic like the sisters of Storybook Cosmetics. We’re here to help you. Get started today with our box configurator, then let us know your deepest desires…we’ll wave our wand, and in no time at all, you’ll have a box worthy of a fairytale ending.