Shipping Options

Custom Boxes Now! provides endless ways to achieve high-quality designs for your business. Whether you’re ordering an unprinted box or want to create unique, printed packaging, our impressive level of customization extends to the various delivery options you can choose.

Three Delivery Options We Offer

When you place an order with us, we offer shipping or pickup opportunities to suit your preferences. Check out three ways to specify your involvement with a carrier, how you’d like to pay and how you’d like to collect your order. 

1. Shipping Included in Your Order Total

This prepaid option is added to your order total, so you don’t need to pay a separate bill for shipping. Custom Boxes Now! communicates with the carrier to arrange the deliveries. We’ll manage everything for you, including scheduling, paperwork and pickup services. 

2. Separate Billing for Shipping Services

You can also pay for separate shipping. In this scenario, you’ll provide Custom Boxes Now! with the account number for your preferred carrier. We’ll speak with them directly regarding paperwork, scheduling and pickup. You’ll see the billed charges in your account from the carrier instead of us. 

3. Scheduled Pickup Arrangements

If you’d like to manage the communication and arrangements, you can speak with a carrier directly to schedule a pickup and provide the required paperwork. Custom Boxes Now! informs you of the shipping weights and dimensions when the order is ready for pickup. In this scenario, you pay the carrier directly. This arrangement adds a business day to the lead time. 

Benefits of Using Custom Boxes to Optimize Delivery of Your Products

In addition to offering flexible shipping and pickup methods for delivering custom boxes to your door, we offer our customers the following benefits to assist in getting products delivered to their customers safely and efficiently:

  • Customization: Our designers can engineer the best box styles and measurements when you send us your physical product or we can use existing box specifications suited to your preferences. 
  • Protected products: With customized dimensions and features, our shipping boxes protect products better than stock-sized boxes for ideal conditions when items reach their destination. 
  • Structural prototypes: If you’d like to see a box example before we ship or prepare the rest for pick-up, we can make a structural prototype so you can verify that the box size will work perfectly for your products.
  • Quality control and fast timelines: Because we handle everything in-house, we offer a streamlined timeline with an over 99% on-time percentage and oversee all processes of design, manufacturing, testing and shipping for high-quality results. 

FAQS About Our Shipping Methods

Learn more about scheduling carrier deliveries or our pickup options from these common questions and answers:

  • Can I receive my boxes in 24 hours? In some cases, we can deliver an order if you request it before noon central standard time and select overnight delivery. You can discuss lead times with us at 1-855-720-9309.
  • Is there a minimum quantity of boxes I should order? No, we don’t require a minimum order quantity.
  • Do you offer eco-friendly and recyclable products? Yes, our sustainable packaging consists of 100% recyclable kraft materials made from 60-95% post-consumer waste.

Pick Your Preferred Shipping Method 

Ready to get high-quality boxes on a fast timeline? Select the delivery or pickup method you prefer and place your order today!