Featured Customer: ProGlow

We love sharing our new clients with you. And we get even more excited when we love their products, too. That’s exactly what happened when we recently started working with ProGlow.

The ProGlow Difference. ProGlow was developed and is owned by Dr. Pauline Haugen, who as a life-long athlete, believes wholeheartedly that nutrition and food have the power to heal. But she didn’t stop there, with just her belief. Dr. Haugen actually developed a product to support that belief (hello, ambition!).

Enter: ProGlow and Profunction, her physician-approved lines of nutritional supplements that, when combined with real foods, can help anyone live their best life, supporting their body in all facets. Originally researched with the athlete (herself) in mind, Dr. Haugen quickly realized that all people need access to clean, high-protein collagen supplements.

The more we looked at them, the more we fell in love with them. Their products are 99% pure, with no artificial fillers, and they strive to only offer allergen-friendly supplements. That means no soy, no wheat, no gluten, no corn protein, no yeast and no animal or dairy in most of their products. And they don’t ever use artificial coloring, preservatives or sweeteners. Add in the fact that they have products specifically designed for different age-spans in life…and it’s easy to see how excited customers were for the launch of this supplement company!

How We Helped ProGlow
So when ProGlow, partnering with We Are Charette, came to us with a need for packaging to begin shipping their products to clients, we couldn’t wait to help them!

We have a ton of clients who need secure, beautiful, engaging packaging that will do double duty as custom shipping boxes – because we all know the power of branding.

Custom mailer boxes are all the rage these days, so we knew instantly that a boring plain brown box just wouldn’t do for ProGlow! Using the classic flexo printing on boxes technique, we set out to design and print a simple yet elegant 1-color flexo printed C-series box. It was important that the design of the box had a soft feel to it, and we love the feminine touch, in a nod to their female founder and creator, we achieved through the soft, unique, eye-catching pink pallet.

Who wouldn’t love to see this gorgeous box on their porch?
Everything from the initial meeting and discovery phase, right through the quoting, sampling and prepress process, was smooth and quick, and the end result was a 1000 quantity run, with boxes that ProGlow loves. We can’t wait for them to start shipping in their new packaging. The ProGlow custom mailer boxes are reminiscent and symbolic of strong, clean and classic, a beautiful box for ProGlow to promote “a more beautiful you.” Now that’s something we can be proud to have helped execute.

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