Lithographic Shipping Box Printing From Custom Boxes Now

Lithographic Shipping Box Printing Services

If you’ve ever read a magazine, catalog or brochure, you’ve probably seen the beautiful effects of lithographic printing. Litho printing is one of the top printing processes for creating high-quality images that look good on advertisements, packaging and anything else that your customers or the general public will see. At Custom Boxes Now, lithographic printing is one of the main methods we use to print graphics on custom corrugated cardboard boxes.

Our customization options don’t end with various shape and size options. With your logo, graphic or pattern in mind, we can print your design right on your corrugated cardboard boxes to create the ultimate packaging solution. When you add your brand logo or colors to your packaging, you’ll stand out from the sea of brown boxes that every other company uses.

When your customer sees your branded box, they’ll get excited about your exceptional attention to detail. Use lithographic printing from Custom Boxes Now to ensure they’ll come back to your business again and again.

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What Is Litho Printing?

Litho box printing is ideal for mass production as it enables you to make high quantities of duplicate items quickly. First, we ink the image onto a lithograph comprised of two plates. A rubber roller lifts the ink from the plate and transfers it onto a piece of printing paper. Then, we laminate the paper onto the corrugated cardboard surface.

In addition to speed and quality, there are plenty of advantages to using litho printing. For example, litho printing decreases the number of impressions left after printing, creating smoother graphics and enabling easier transportation. Lithographs also become more cost-effective as the quantities increase, making this method excellent for high-demand products.

Due to this paper transfer process, litho printing is great for transferring detailed and photo-realistic images onto corrugated cardboard. You can also use lithographic printing to transfer images onto other complex surfaces like plastic, metal, leather and wood. If your packages require the use of full images that span the entirety of the box’s exterior, litho box printing is the best option for you.

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Why Use Custom Boxes Now for Litho Printing?

Custom Boxes Now has manufactured custom boxes for businesses for over 60 years. With boxes of all types and sizes available, we can accommodate your business’ needs as you distribute any number of products. Our graphic printing services will ensure that your brand gets the recognition it deserves. Contact us today to learn more about our litho boxes printing process and customization options and get started on your company’s new boxing solutions.