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Full-Color and Flood Printing Packaging Designs

Make your boxes beautiful inside and out with full-color printing! Full-color printing, also known as flood printing, is the process of coloring and customizing every inch of the exterior of a box. When you’re shipping products to your customers, you want to ensure that they get the best possible experience. Decorate your shipping containers with your company’s name, logo, art designs and tagline to effectively ship products and promote your brand.

While flood printing promotes a more positive experience for the recipients of your product, it also serves as an extra branding tool. Customized full-color printed boxes stand out in a sea of plain white and kraft packages. If you haven’t considered your shipping materials as a part of your branding yet, a beautiful box is sure to make an impression and ensure customers remember your company.

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Branded Box

How Does Full-Color Printing Work?

Every corrugated box starts as one of two colors — white or kraft, the brown color you most likely associate with cardboard boxes. Once you submit your box design with a custom style and size, we’ll get to work using CMYK printers to get your design on your boxes as soon as possible. Your results may slightly vary from your original design depending on the box color and style you select, and we’ll continue working with you until you’re satisfied.

You can start reaping all the benefits of your custom full-color boxes right away. In addition to standing out from the crowd, you’ll enjoy benefits like:


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Custom Boxes Now has provided custom boxing solutions for businesses for over 60 years. Our services go beyond full-color printing — come to us for all of your shipping needs. Attract new customers to your business today when you use our Build Your Box tool to create your new shipping containers, or contact us online to discuss all our box types, sizing and printing options.

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