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Black boxes are a great way to send the message that you’re hot, you’re high-end, you’re worth the time and money consumers are ultimately going to spend on your products. Black boxes can be chic, both in looks and in luxurious feel. They are striking and bold, but don’t just take our word for it.

Imagine a pile of brown kraft shipping boxes stacked on a porch. Now picture a black box somewhere in the mix. Doesn’t this image say it all? The black box is undeniably effective in terms of standing out against the rest. Now take this image a step further…imagine your branding or logo on that black box, and your customer seeing it in that barrage of brown boxes. The excitement builds, the anticipation rises and the box has effectively done its job…your brand sticks out, in the best way possible.

Custom black shipping boxes can be used for all sorts of products. But first, determining the style of box you’ll use is important. You can choose from standard shipping boxes (RSC), one panel folders, C-series, even tray and cover boxes are available in black. Ultimately, it will be the specific product you’re selling and shipping that will be the biggest factor in deciding on the type of box you need. Apparel ships great in C-series or tray and covers. Heavy or fragile items need ultimate support like an RSC shipping box can offer, and they may even require added filler or a corrugated pad to protect them.

Black shipping boxes are a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Posh brands can benefit from the premium feel a black box can add to product packaging and marketing. That said, there are a few downsides to using a black shipping box, too.

For example, black can sometimes scuff, especially during transit. Another consideration: what is your logo? Is it multicolored and bright? Printing on a black box can be problematic if you want to use contrasting bright colors directly on your box. However, you can always combat this concern by printing on a sticker or label and affixing that to your shipping box. Just be sure to factor the total cost of your box, including any labels or stickers, before you order.

Can You Mail Black Shipping Boxes?

Yes, you can mail black shipping boxes to transport products to your customers. As with any custom cardboard mailer box, however, preparation is key. Design a black cardboard shipping box with enough room for cushioning material around the contents. Sturdy corrugated fiberboard or paperboard boxes are ideal for weights up to 10 pounds.

You can use shredded paper, custom inserts, or other fillers to cushion items inside any custom black shipping box. To determine whether you have enough cushioning, close the box and shake it. If you hear your products shifting inside, more cushioning or a more specific box size is needed.

Are Black Shipping Boxes More Expensive?

Black shipping boxes are not more or less expensive than boxes in other colors, so why do some custom shipping boxes cost more than others? It’s all about size, style, printing method, and quantity.

As an online retailer, including the right amount of filling material and ensuring that your mailer box is big enough to transport your products safely is crucial. If you do choose black cardboard shipping boxes for your product, the first question you should consider is this: How do I package my items in a way that is both cost-effective and safe?

Using the right-sized custom black shipping box is paramount if you’re looking to save money and attract and retain customers. Keep the following tips in mind when you’re trying to cut down on shipping costs:

Do Black Mailer Boxes Scratch Easily?

Black shipping boxes can show scuffing more prominently than kraft boxes or custom mailer containers of other colors. One thing you should consider when you transport your product in black cardboard shipping boxes is how your logo, designs and other print messaging will show up on the container. Standard offset printed boxes are typically printed with translucent inks, but such inks will disappear when they’re printed onto a black shipping box.

At Custom Boxes Now, we can print a layer of white onto the solid black cardboard, thus allowing you to print additional colors on top. This technique yields the stunning look of a solid black box printed with other colors in natural, vibrant hues. Some colors may even pop against the backdrop of a black mailer box.

While these services may cost more than printing on traditional kraft or white cardboard boxes, you can access several options when it comes to making a primarily black box come alive with color and print. At Custom Boxes Now, we offer various printing styles under one roof — lithographic, flexographic and digital. Reach out to one of our service representatives for more information on how to make your logo and other designs pop on black mailer boxes.

Elevate Your Brand With Black Cardboard Shipping Boxes

Overall, black boxes can be a great way to set yourself and your brand apart. Using a black box is an amazing marketing identifier, and can send the message that your brand is lavish, luxurious, posh or even masculine, if that’s the demographic you want to target. For the right product, the right audience and with the right logo added, black box packaging can be just the value add you’ve been looking for when it comes to your product packaging.

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