Corrugated Pads

Add Protection With Corrugated Pads

Corrugated packaging pads are flat pieces of cardboard that have an added layer of protection for your products. These rigid cardboard sheets provide cushioning between and around stacked items for safer storage and shipping, ensuring your product always arrives in one piece.

Custom Boxes Now can manufacture a wide range of corrugated pads you can use in various ways to make your packaging practical and functional. Because they’re made from corrugated cardboard, these pads make excellent dividers and shock absorbers.

Build Your Box

Custom Cardboard Pads to Meet Your Exact Needs

At Custom Boxes Now, you can order corrugated cardboard pads in the exact dimensions required for your product storage and shipping needs with measurements down to 1/16th of an inch. Select between kraft or white material and three strength levels to ensure your products have the proper level of protection, including:

Custom packaging materials help you protect your products more effectively than you could with standard solutions. Our custom-sized corrugated cardboard pads fit like a glove to provide the exact amount of cushion, separation or support your products need to arrive at their destination safely.

All our cardboard packaging products are made with sustainability in mind, constructed from 100% recyclable materials, allowing you to protect the environment and your products.

Why Choose Custom Boxes Now for Packaging Materials?

Custom Boxes Now offers a wide range of corrugated pads, shipping and packaging materials customized for your products. We know that every business has unique needs, so we strive to keep customization at the core of everything we do and tailor our products to meet each specification.

We provide custom packaging solutions to businesses like yours, backed by more than 60 years of industry experience and an in-house staff dedicated to producing the best quality products. Having everything in-house allows us to ensure consistent quality while keeping your costs low and staying on schedule, with a record of more than 99% on-time fulfillments.

Provide Optimized Protection With Custom Corrugated Pads

Order custom corrugated cardboard pads through Custom Boxes Now by selecting your desired specifications and quantities using our Build Your Box tool. If you’d like some help determining the best packaging materials for your products, get in touch with one of our experienced team members. We’ll help you work out what you need to keep your merchandise safe.

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