Featured Customer: Toby’s Estate Coffee

Coffee. For so many of us, it’s the most amazing moment of our day. In fact, did you know that, after petroleum, coffee is the world’s most valuable commodity? That’s not all. The average American spends about $1092 annually on coffee, and we’re not even the most caffeinated nation in the world.

It’s safe to say, when Brooklyn-based Toby’s Estate Coffee Roasters called on us to help design boxes for packaging their delicious cold brew coffee, we jumped at the chance like we were running for that first cup of the morning!

We know the majority of Brooklyn, New York residents take their coffee pretty seriously, so we sought out to make packaging that reflects just how important coffee actually is in our day-to-day lives. Our goal was to intrigue Toby’s Estate Coffee customers before they even finish their first sip – some may even go so far as to call it love at first sip.

Why We Love Toby’s
Toby’s is known to roast some of the best beans you can find in all of New York. It’s worth mentioning that having a coffee haunt in a highly populated, sophisticated borough like Brooklyn means you can’t afford to have sub-par java. And let us tell you, Toby’s lives up to the hype…

Toby’s Estate Coffee not only roasts coffee, but they’re also huge advocates for sustainability. From sourcing, to roasting, to education and support – they put their name on the line from start to finish. When you’re in an industry like packaging, that’s something we can really appreciate.

Toby’s takes the time to ensure they’re using high quality beans to start, and the result is more than evident in the superior coffee they pour. Toby’s Estate Coffee works with farmers, cooperatives and producers who supply them with sustainable beans to create coffee that not only tastes divine, but also lets you feel good about drinking it.

We were particularly intrigued with Toby’s rapport with their farmers. And they put their money where their coffee-sippin’-mouths are. They send out a green buyer every now and then to ensure their standards of quality are being met. The farmers also get to visit New York to see how their coffee is being roasted.

Every effort Toby’s makes is geared towards the same end-result: ensuring customers enjoy high quality, responsibly-sourced coffee, from the first sip to the last.

Not able to get to Brooklyn? No worries! To get yourself the perfect coffee cup, all you have to do is reach out to Toby’s Estate Coffee. Roasting and delivery is fast and reliable, so you’ll have your coffee in no time. Follow the provided brewing guides they send along, and voila, you’ll be sipping on a cup as if you were in their hip hang-out in person.

The Perfect Packaging
We were thrilled when Toby’s Estate Coffee reached out. We wanted to make them the perfect box, so we sought out to design one that would appeal to both them and their customers. And in what proved to be a truly collaborative process, we worked with graphic designer @drewheffron, to create a one-color box featuring half-tone background images direct-printed on all four sides, with reversed white graphics showing through. It’s a design that promotes Toby’s brand every step of the delivery process, from Toby’s countertop to yours.

Beyond the look of the box, we also wanted to ensure the coffee stays in place, so we designed a regular slotted container (RSC box). This is a cost effective box design, as a cutting die is not usually required and uses minimal manufacturing work stations.

We’re thrilled with the final look and design of the boxes, and judging by their feedback…Toby’s is too. Drew even noted We’re always impressed by Custom Boxes Now’s attention to detail and speed when producing an awesome final product.”  Thanks, Drew – we’ll take it! (and maybe another cup of Joe…).

Are you looking for the perfect packaging for your product? Reach out to Custom Boxes Now today for a quote on a box that will make a statement. Don’t let the branding and marketing potential go to the next guy…we can help you stand out!