Full Overlap Container Shipping Box from Custom Boxes Now

Full Overlap Container Shipping Boxes

Full overlap containers, or FOLs, are a type of regular slotted container, the most popular shipping box available. While the flaps on a regular slotted container meet in the middle, FOLs have extended flaps that overlap one another. The overlap adds an extra layer of protection on the top and bottom of each box.

FOL boxes are stronger than standard boxes, allowing them to withstand more force against and stacked on top of them, which are essential functions for any shipping package.

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Material Options

We offer an array of material options, including kraft (brown), white, and full-color variants to guarantee a perfect match with your brand’s identity and design goals.

  • Kraft (brown)

  • White

  • Full Color/Flood Print

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Printing Options

Leveraging nearly 60 years of expertise and advanced color printing technology, we craft professional, custom-designed boxes that make your brand pop and fit any budget. Explore our diverse printing options to elevate your packaging with images, logos, and standout color designs.

  • Flexographic

  • Lithographic

  • Plain

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Strength Options

Discover the durability of our box solutions, ranging from our standard options designed to meet everyday needs, to our strong boxes offering enhanced protection for fragile items, and our extra strong variants, engineered to withstand even the toughest shipping conditions.

  • Standard (32 C)

  • Strong (44 C)

  • Extra Strong (51 BC)

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When Should You Use FOL Boxes?

You have endless options for using full overlap slotted containers. Businesses in almost every industry find FOLs ideal for certain items due to their extra rigidity and protective elements. At Custom Boxes Now, we recommend FOL style boxes for shipping:

Why Order FOL Boxes From Custom Boxes Now?

Custom Boxes Now has been manufacturing standout durable boxes for various businesses for over 60 years. We have a wide selection of box types, sizes and strengths so that you get the perfect shipping solution for any product. Check out all of our box customization options, including FOLs and regular slotted containers, so that you can make the best choices for your business and the customers eagerly awaiting your package.

Speaking of customers, be sure to wow them with shipping supplies that stand out from the cardboard crowd! Our printing services can put almost any image or design on your containers to advertise your brand and stand out among competitors. Something as small as a beautiful, well-thought-out boxing solution might make all the difference when your customers decide to stick with your business. Contact us online today to get started with your new shipping products from Custom Boxes Now!

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