Regular Slotted Container From Custom Boxes Now

Types of RSCs

Custom Boxes Now offers several types of regular slotted containers. The right option for you depends on the type of objects you’ll be shipping and how much cushioning you need. While there are many RSCs designs for shipping different products, the standard RSC is the most common style of shipping boxes available.

Aside from traditional RSC boxes, you can choose from:

Why Choose RSCs From Custom Boxes Now?

With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing corrugated boxes, Custom Boxes Now knows how to get you boxes that meet your unique needs every time. Learn more about what we can do for you. Along with creating RSC boxes with custom dimensions and flaps, we can print any design you come up with. We’ll ensure that your boxes stand out from the sea of plain brown cardboard everyone else uses.

Use all of our customization options at Custom Boxes Now to turn heads and make a difference for your business. Build your boxcontact us online so we can discuss your box goals or chat with one of our box specialists right. We’re ready to start tailor-making your boxes today!

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