Regular Slotted Container From Custom Boxes Now

What Are Custom RSC Boxes?

A custom RSC box has the same defining characteristics and efficiency as any regular slotted container but is tailored to meet specific requirements. It can be designed to have extra padding to protect more fragile items. You can also request for the container to have a particular size, length and depth based on your needs. Custom Boxes Now uses state-of-the-art technology to create custom cartons suited for packaging and shipping various types of products.

An RSC box is excellent for shipping products around the world due to the level of quality of the design and safety it provides products during transportation. On top of being made using environmentally friendly methods, RSC boxes are one of the most common and economical styles to manufacture, usually made of recycled corrugated cardboard material. High-quality custom RSC boxes can be used numerous times before being recycled.

Types of RSCs

Custom Boxes Now offers several types of regular slotted containers. The right option for you depends on the type of objects you’ll be shipping and how much cushioning you need. While there are many RSC designs for shipping different products, the standard RSC is the most common style of shipping boxes available.

Aside from traditional RSC boxes, you can choose from:

What Are RSC Boxes Used For?

RSC Boxes feature a highly efficient design and can be made to fit various items. These types of boxes are a popular choice for shipping small or large items, including heavy products that require boxes with great depth. Due to its versatility, an RSC box can be used to ship almost any product such as:

  • Books
  • Shoes
  • Apparel
  • Outdoor gear
  • Appliances
  • Health care or personal items
  • Food
  • And many more

While RSC boxes are used for many products, it is essential to select the suitable strength and style to provide maximum protection for your particular product during transportation and handling. You can also consider using cushioning to ensure safety for specific types of products. With a wide selection of customization options, you are bound to find RSC boxes that are suitable for your items.

Why Choose RSCs From Custom Boxes Now?

With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing corrugated boxes, Custom Boxes Now knows how to get you boxes that meet your unique needs every time. Learn more about what we can do for you. Along with creating RSC boxes with custom dimensions and flaps, we can print any design you come up with. We’ll ensure that your boxes stand out from the sea of plain brown cardboard everyone else uses.

Use all of our customization options at Custom Boxes Now to turn heads and make a difference for your business. Build your boxcontact us online so we can discuss your box goals. We’re ready to start tailor-making your boxes today!

Custom Printed Box

Start Building Your Custom RSC Box

Transform an RSC box into packaging that matches the branding of your business with the right size and protection needed for your products. With such great versatility and a high level of quality, it’s no surprise that these boxes are widely used by businesses for shipping all kinds of products.