Direct-Print Shipping Boxes from Custom Boxes Now

What are Direct Print Boxes?

Direct-print boxes provide a fantastic marketing opportunity to share your story and leave a lasting impression on customers. Read on to discover how direct-to-box printing can enhance your brand and improve your shipping solutions.

What Is Direct Printing?

Direct printing involves printing an image, logo or message directly onto a corrugated box. This highly common box printing process is known for being quick and effective, with an impressive level of print quality. Direct-to-box printing can be accomplished using a variety of printing methods, which we will explore below. Custom Boxes Now offers a variety of in-house printing capabilities to accomplish the perfect customized box for any brand. Our ability to print directly on a box leads to several benefits, including:

  • A full-color spectrum for maximum customization and flexibility.
  • Quick production speed and enhanced efficiency.
  • Consistent quality.
  • Enhanced brand awareness with every box your company ships.

Our Direct-Printing Capabilities

Flexo printing involves creating printing plates with digital artwork and applying the print directly to the box. Flexographic is commonly used for creating custom printed boxes with images ranging from basic logos to advanced artwork. We produce our own printing plates in-house to cut down on your cost, produce results quickly and manage large orders in no time.

Ideal for short runs and prototypes, digital printing applies ink directly to the corrugated cardboard without using a printing plate. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, our digital approach can achieve custom printing quickly while retaining high quality. We also provide litho laminating, a process that involves transferring printed artwork from paper and applying it to the corrugated board. This style is not a direct-print box method but does provide an option for clients who need photo-realistic designs.

Why Choose Custom Boxes Now as Your Packaging Manufacturer?

Custom Boxes Now can turn your basic custom packaging boxes into a premium marketing opportunity. Direct print boxes are an excellent tool for enhancing your brand awareness and improving your customer’s unboxing experience with every single box you ship. Your packaging is a reflection of the product inside — and quality printing is one surefire way to impress.

Our in-house printing capabilities ensure we can move quickly and maintain a high level of quality control while keeping your costs as low as possible. Our over 99% on-time record demonstrates our commitment to timely results. With over 60 years as an industry-leading corrugated box manufacturer, we’ve fine-tuned our printing process and packaging services so that clients can expect the best. We rise to the occasion every time.

Custom options are part of our DNA. You’ll discover countless ways to personalize your packaging to let your brand’s unique personality shine. From size and style to color and images, our direct printing capabilities ensure a one-of-a-kind packaging solution.


How Our Order Process Works

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Create Your Direct-Print Corrugated Boxes With One Simple Step

Customized direct-print boxes are just one step away. Use our online box configuration tool to place your custom order today. Do you have any questions about your shipping needs or our services? Please feel free to contact our team for assistance.