C-Series Boxes from Custom Boxes Now

Types of C-Series

Our versatile C-Series boxes are tailored to suit your unique needs. From custom mailers designed to reflect your brand identity to vibrant colored options that make a memorable impression, and custom product mailers crafted to showcase your merchandise with elegance, to subscription boxes that keep your customers excited with every delivery, we offer a range of solutions to enhance your packaging experience

  • Custom Mailers

  • Colored Mailers

  • Custom Product Mailers

  • Subscription Boxes

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Material Options

We offer an array of material options, including kraft (brown), white, and full-color variants to guarantee a perfect match with your brand’s identity and design goals.

  • Kraft (brown)

  • White

  • Full Color/Flood Print

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Printing Options

Explore our printing options to enhance your packaging with images, logos, and standout color designs.

  • Flexographic

  • Lithographic

  • Plain

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Strength Options

Discover the durability of our box solutions, ranging from our standard options designed to meet everyday needs, to our strong boxes offering enhanced protection for fragile items, and our extra strong variants, engineered to withstand even the toughest shipping conditions. Rest assured, our range ensures your items arrive safely and securely every time.

  • Standard (32 C)

  • Strong (44 C)

  • Extra Strong (51 BC)

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Custom Printed Boxes

Why Use C-Series Boxes as your Packaging?

The C-series box has long, wide panels on its exterior and a spacious interior, making it the perfect option for shipping more than one item and advertising. That’s why this self-locking box style has become so popular in subscription box circles. C-series boxes also look great in unboxing videos, opening up like a treasure chest to reveal their hidden loot.

Many people find ways to reuse C-series boxes thanks to their durability, meaning they’ll keep your brand around for a long time. Even if recipients choose to dispose of the box after use, they can do so with a clean conscience — at Custom Boxes Now, we make all of our packages 100% recyclable.

Our C-series boxes require tooling through the use of a cutting die. We carry these cutting dies in several sizes for relatively standard-sized boxes. However, if your business requires a self-enclosing box with unique dimensions that we have not printed before, there may be a one-time charge of $600 to $1,000. Be sure to contact us to discuss our sizing and customization options before placing your order.

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Custom C-Series Boxes at Custom Boxes Now

For more than 60 years, Custom Boxes Now has manufactured custom packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. We understand how important it is to make a great impression from the moment your box arrives at a customer’s door. That’s why we work hard to make sure you get the high-quality box you want to ship your products safely and stylishly.

Design your C-series box with our Build Your Box feature to get started or contact us to discuss our available services today. Whatever your shipping needs, we’re here to tailor-make solutions to suit your business!

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