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Flexographic Printing Services from Custom Boxes Now

As part of our fully customized boxing services, Custom Boxes Now has a range of printing options available in many different colors and styles. Flexographic printing is just one way that we can put your logos and patterns onto our corrugated cardboard boxes. With our full-color printing options, even the smallest of boxes will stand out against your competition and keep your customers returning again and again.

Why does the design of your packages matter? Receiving a package from your company is often one of your customer’s first physical interactions with your brand, especially if you are a partially or fully online business. From the moment your box is left on their doorstep or placed in their hands, you’re making a crucial first impression. Make this introduction last when you include your logo and colors associated with your brand in a fun and eye-catching way.

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What Is Flexographic Printing from Custom Boxes Now?

Flexo box printing is one of the most common ways to print images onto corrugated cardboard due to its versatility and fast printing times. This printing technique involves flexographic printing plates for each color that will go on the box. We put these plates onto rolling cylinders, which each print part of the final image as the corrugated cardboard or other substrate runs past it.

Using the correct machinery, flexographic printing can produce upwards of 12,000 products per hour. This speed, combined with the use of fast-drying inks and low production costs, is what makes this process particularly favorable among packaging companies. Flexo box printing also takes care of varnishing, laminating and die-cutting all in one pass, streamlining the process to save even more time.

Corrugated cardboard boxes aren’t the only place you’ll see flexo printing in action, either. You probably see its results every day on:

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Get Flexographic Print Boxes From Custom Boxes Now

With over 60 years in the box manufacturing industry, we know how to get you the tailor-made boxes you’re looking for. Custom Boxes Now has a wide range of flexo printed box types for you to choose from, and we can customize every product to fit your needs perfectly. However big or small, we’ll make sure you get the boxes you need with the standout designs you love using our flexographic printing process.

Contact us today to learn more about our flexo box printing options or discuss more ways to customize your boxes.