Featured Client: Room Dividers Now

This month, we’re especially excited to introduce our readers and customers to our Client of the Month: Room Dividers Now, who called on us to create their branded shipping boxes.

With rent prices skyrocketing and Airbnb on the rise, chances are you’ve struggled with how to divide your apartment or house into separate rooms in a way that not only looks elegant, but also offers genuine privacy. The folks at Room Dividers Now had the same problem, and they decided to offer a solution: they created a wide range of affordable, easy-to-install, able to withstand even your wildest parties room dividers.

They came to us looking for a shipping option that matched the integrity, quality and attention to customer service of their company and products. Oh, and because we also have “Now” in our company name, meaning that, like Room Dividers Now, we’ll also deliver lasting results fast. Since their dividers come in all shapes and sizes, they needed a variety of types of boxes and dimensions from us. So far, we’ve created five different box styles and sizes for Room Dividers Now, and we are looking forward to making even more.

Like us, Room Dividers Now believes in variety. They offer freestanding, hanging, tension rod, ceiling track and more kit options—so customers can actually pick what works best with their space instead of just “making it work” with what’s available. They also offer a variety of different rods, so that, depending on the weight and size of the curtain, they won’t fall down the second you finish hanging them.

Our favorite part? The curtains themselves, which are available in a wide range of materials and fabrics, including heavier curtains and muslin. And of course, there are color options aplenty, whether you want to go for the minimalist look or want something a little more matchy-matchy with your furniture. No matter your design aesthetic, Room Dividers Now has exactly what you need, at the right price.

And unlike some other companies out there, Room Dividers Now offers you instructions that actually make sense. Figuring out how to hang your curtains is a snap since their products come with directions that use printed words as opposed to indecipherable diagrams that inevitably lead to frustration and irritation. The how-to section on their website is a dream, and is complete with a super helpful video tutorial for those who might need a little more help. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be Mr. or Mrs. Fix-It, trust us, these instructions will make you feel like a star carpenter on a home improvement show.

Imagine how nice it will be to not have to confront the mess from the night before first thing every morning. You deserve privacy and quiet in your own home, not to mention instructions that don’t lead to intense fights with your partner.

Looking for the best way to roll up the partition? Get in touch with Room Dividers Now—now!

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