Custom Mailer Boxes From Custom Boxes Now

Material Options

We offer an array of material options, including kraft (brown), white, and full-color variants to guarantee a perfect match with your brand’s identity and design goals.

  • Kraft (brown)

  • White

  • Full Color/Flood Print

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Printing Options

Choose between digital printing for vibrant graphics and photorealistic images and offset printing for large-scale orders. We also offer foil stamping, embossing and varnishing options to add a touch of luxury and sophistication. Explore our diverse printing options with images, logos and standout color designs to elevate your packaging.

  • Flexographic

  • Lithographic

  • Plain

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Strength Options

Discover the durability of our box solutions. We have standard options designed to meet your everyday needs. More robust boxes offer enhanced protection for fragile items and extra-strong variants are engineered to withstand even the most demanding shipping conditions.

  • Standard (32 C)

  • Strong (44 C)

  • Extra Strong (51 BC)

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Functionality and Design Advantages of Custom Mailer Boxes

This box style offers advantages beyond the benefits of customizing your mailer. Choosing a quality mailer box allows you to show customers how much you care. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar store or an online retailer, your packaging can become your storefront if you let it. Customize your mailers and showcase your brand with custom-printed tuck boxes.

  • Enhanced protection: The corrugated cardboard offers protection against bumps and dings during transit. The self-locking design makes for a secure enclosure. We also reinforce custom mailer boxes with inserts and dividers, ensuring your items arrive in pristine condition and foster customer satisfaction.
  • Sustainable solutions: Corrugated cardboard is a readily recyclable material. Our brown corrugated boxes are 60% to 95% post-consumer waste, while white corrugated boxes are 30% to 70%. Buying eco-friendly boxes improves your business while supporting the planet.
  • Branding opportunities: Our custom boxes feature a large printable surface area to showcase your brand. Use high-quality printing techniques to display your logo, colors and marketing messages. Consider incorporating QR codes that will lead customers to your website.
  • Stackability: The flat-folding design allows efficient storage and transportation, saving space in your warehouse. The boxes also stack neatly on shelves to promote a professional aesthetic.
  • Scalability: Our boxes come in various sizes to accommodate multiple products. Whether you are shipping jewelry or apparel, you’ll find a box to suit your needs.
  • Lightweight design: Despite robust construction, the boxes offer significant weight savings. The lightweight nature of a mailer box makes it cost-effective, especially for businesses that are shipping in bulk.

Optimize the Unboxing Experience With a Strategic Approach

Our custom-printed mailer boxes present a valuable opportunity to elevate your brand image. Consider the following areas:

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Custom Boxes Now offers packaging solutions for businesses big or small. Reach out today to discuss the perfect custom mailer box for you…there’s no time like the present to figure out if custom mailer boxes right are for you!