Customer of the Month: Six Month Smiles

In a recent survey, more than 40 percent of people reported that they feel like they’re judged based on their appearance. 40 percent! Are you one of them?

We all want to look our best, and that means having a smile worth, well, smiling about. But not all of us want the long term commitment that braces or other complicated dental procedures often require. Not to mention, once you’re past your teenage years, you may feel insecure about walking around with a mouth full of metal.

That’s where Six Month Smiles, this month’s Customer of the Month, comes in.

Not only do they use clear, barely-visible braces, but, as the name implies, they also can straighten your teeth in just six months. How? By using braces that use “low force” to achieve that stellar, straight smile. Six Month Smiles follows normal orthodontic procedures, and they don’t just “tighten” your teeth.

Instead, they focus their methods on taking a more cosmetic approach, as opposed to giving you a complete overhaul of your under bite or overbite. Instead, Six Month Smiles focuses on fixing the positioning of the teeth that really show when you grin or talk. And the best news of all? It turns out there are even fewer risks to your oral health with Six Month Smiles than there are with regular braces.

We also love that they focus on getting you in and out of your appointments as fast as possible. When you’re working full time, taking care of your kids, and trying to squeeze in a little time for yourself, the last thing you want to do is spend hours and hours at dental appointments. They use their patented Patient Tray Kits to make sure you’re comfortable during your appointment – and they make sure you’re in and out of your appointment, every time.

Oh, and did we mention they’re also a much more affordable option than the traditional route?

Six Month Smiles is expanding rapidly (as you might imagine!) and they’ve treated 100,000 patients in over 50 countries. Today, more than 10,000 dentists have been educated on their one-of-a-kind product.

Since Six Month Smiles has delivered incredible, truly life-changing results to so many of their patients, we knew we had to do the same when they reached out to us about designing their boxes.

First, we knew these boxes needed to have a sleek, high-end, professional look to match the high-end results the company offers. Since the team at Six Month Smiles also stressed the importance of clean, crisp lines (hey, that makes sense!) we decided to go with a litho box. To get patients and dentists excited about the results, we lined the interior of the boxes with – what else? – white!

We included clearly-labeled custom inserts to hold their product. The box also needed to be easy to open and sort through once it arrived.

Finally, when it came to the exterior of the box, the focus was on a sleek, minimalist design, especially since the name and branding are already recognized by so many. Our favorite part? The box includes Six Month Smiles’ Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube handles, so happy customers can connect with the company easily and share their incredible results. Now that’s making your marketing dollars work for you!

We’re thrilled that Six Month Smiles is our Customer of the Month, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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