Featured Customer: Urban Stems

Custom Boxes Now is thrilled to introduce you to our Customer of the Month, UrbanStems.com. Check them out—it might make you want to re-evaluate how you’re going to send flowers to your loved ones this year.

The company’s co-founder, Ajay Kori, started UrbanStems because of his own frustrations over battered, broken, or just plain dead flowers being sent to his long-distance girlfriend (hat tip for sending flowers in the first place, Ajay).

So, after convincing his friend Jeff Sheely to be his partner, the two launched the company in the Valentine season of 2014. One of the things we value the most about UrbanStems is their unwavering commitment to delivering fresh, beautiful flowers – every time.

In order to do that, UrbanStems has cut out the middleman when it comes to sending flowers. Instead, the company sources their flowers from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, which provide the flowers for their shifting selection of about 4 or 5 bouquets per season. Because UrbanStems uses bike couriers (whom they also provide with full benefits, which we really love and respect) the bouquets are hand-delivered within a few hours – not a few days. Oh, and just to make sure the sender is kept aware of every step of the process, a photograph of the bouquet is sent to them upon its arrival. And that delivery? It’s free!

UrbanStems’ commitment to quality customer service, attention to detail, transparency, and, most of all, seamless delivery of gorgeous bouquets has clearly paid off. In just a few short years, Urban Stems has expanded to New York City, Baltimore, and soon, Philadelphia (in addition to their home base of D.C.).

Needless to say, when UrbanStems approached us, we wanted to create packaging that was in line with all their values as a company. When it comes to packaging for flowers, not only is the design itself important (as it can help to set a brand apart in an already-competitive market) but it can also be the thing that makes the difference between flowers that arrive in full bloom, and flowers that arrive in pieces.

We worked with the customer to create a sleek blue box, with the UrbanStems logo and name stamped clearly across the front. Pinwheel designs were added to the sides of the box to give a natural, romantic feel that looked genuine instead of cheesy (this also allows for their customers to send flowers for any occasion and to anyone). We made sure that the box was durable without being too heavy, easy to open, and that it would protect the flowers as they made their brief trips across the several cities UrbanStems works within.

Of working with us, the folks at UrbanStems noted that a big plus was the fact that we can design and manufacture custom boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a perfect fit to house the several different types of bouquets the company delivers. When it comes to floral boxes, one size definitely does not fit all, no matter what UrbanStems’ competitors will try to tell you. They noted we even came up with a box for their ever-popular succulent plants! Their team also appreciated Custom Boxes Now’s dedication to consistently building their brand, as well as the fact that our boxes were high quality not only in their construction, but also in how the printing was done. We had a blast working with everyone at UrbanStems, and we can’t wait to see what blooms next on their horizon.

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