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One Panel Folder Shipping Boxes From Custom Boxes Now

One Panel Folder Boxes, or OPFs, are among the best shipping methods for books, albums, plaques and other flat objects. As the name suggests, OPFs are made from one panel. You place the product in the middle of the corrugated cardboard and fold the flaps over the top of the product before sealing it with tape.

This shipping container’s wide, flat surface is the perfect place for you to advertise your brand. We can include decorative elements like your logo and eye-catching design elements to set your boxes apart. Learn more about your customization options with Custom Boxes Now!

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We offer an array of material options, including kraft (brown), white, and full-color variants to guarantee a perfect match with your brand’s identity and design goals.

  • Kraft (brown)

  • White

  • Custom Mailer Box

    Full Color/Flood Print

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Custom Mailer Box

Printing Options

Explore our diverse printing options to elevate your packaging with images, logos, and standout color designs.

  • Flexographic

  • Lithographic

  • Plain

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Strength Options

Discover the durability of our box solutions, ranging from our standard options designed to meet everyday needs, to our strong boxes offering enhanced protection for fragile items, and our extra strong variants, engineered to withstand even the toughest shipping conditions.

  • Standard (32 C)

  • Strong (44 C)

  • Extra Strong (51 BC)

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Benefits of the OPF Box Style

Using OPFs is a no-brainer for booksellers and artists. However, these boxes also work well for businesses in any industry looking to ship small, flat products that don’t require additional insulation. Check out these benefits of the OPF box style:

Customize Your 1 Panel Folder Boxes With Custom Boxes Now

When you’re ordering shipping boxes for your company, choose the best supplier around. Custom Boxes Now has over 60 years of experience in manufacturing custom corrugated cardboard boxes for various industries, and we’re ready to help your business next. Once you decide on the size and strength of your one-panel folder boxes, customize them with your brand’s logo, design or pattern for clear and visible branding on your shipping supplies.

Design the box you need to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction, and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us online to learn more about our services or get started with your tailor-made experience today.

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