How to Tell if You’re Working with a Quality Corrugated Box Manufacturer

Finding a quality corrugated box manufacturer is essential for retailers and vendors. A corrugated box does more than just hold an item; the box creates a sense of brand identity and protects the product from harm during every step it takes from the manufacturing plant to a customer’s hands.

But how do you know you’re working with a quality manufacturer? Can you ever be sure? Luckily, there are several ways to distinguish reliable, reputable, and skilled manufacturers from the bad apples peddling bargain-basement boxes that will fail to live up to your expectations. If you’re looking to place an order for corrugated boxes, here are a few ways to tell if you’re working with a quality manufacturer.

A Logical Process
Any reputable company will have its workflow processes down, so it’s a good idea to get to know your manufacturer’s typical processes. In addition to information about designing, ordering, and receiving your boxes, you should also be able to request information about your manufacturer’s maintenance processes if you desire. The more you know about these processes, the better questions you’ll be able to ask. So consider, do they check their glue filters and Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) regularly? Do they maintain adequate glue pressure that follows the speed of the machines? Do they keep their applicator heads and nozzles clean? Do they routinely inspect their encoders and glue hose lines?

Answers to Your Questions
When working with a new box manufacturer, you’ll likely have a lot of questions about their process and what to expect. A quality manufacturer will provide detailed information, whether you prefer to contact them via email, live chat, telephone, or standard mail. Make sure to ask about testimonials from satisfied customers; seeing reviews from clients they’ve worked with in the past should provide a picture of what to expect.

Fair Price Quotes
In addition to providing answers to all your questions, a quality manufacturer should provide a no-obligation quote for the job you have requested. Custom Boxes Now makes it easy to get a price quote online, for example. All you need to do is provide some basic information, including the inside dimensions of the boxes (length, width, and depth in inches), how many boxes you need, and which strength of material you prefer. You can also see the price difference when you add printing services or change the colors of the boxes, as well as estimate the costs of shipping.

Variety of Printing Services
A quality corrugated box manufacturer will also provide a variety of printing services to suit your needs and budget, so you can always get the right packaging whether you require plain brown boxes or multicolored, die-cut boxes with detailed graphic designs. Your manufacturer should provide lithography, flexography, and digital printing technology to suit your needs and budget.

Ordering corrugated boxes may seem like a small detail, but remember that this is much more than just a box. It’s your brand identity and a safeguard for your precious products so it’s important to get it right.

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