Eight Great Examples of Custom Box Retail Designs

The best custom box retail designs are smart, attractive, innovative, intuitive, sturdy, and, above all, beautifully put together. But where to begin? If you’re stuck for new ideas, it might be helpful to see what other businesses are doing. The following eight examples should give you an idea of the creative kinds of things that vendors and retailers are doing with box printing design.

A New Take on Alphabet Blocks

US-based toy company Eames hired the designers at House Industries to develop a corrugated cardboard box design that protects the blocks from damage in a shape that wastes no space while attracting customers with a sleek and baby- and kid-approved black and red design that alludes to what’s inside. Check out their box designs.

Crocodile Toy Boxes
Lowe Brindfors designed a fun and fanciful toy box for a Swedish department store that featured a lid shaped like a crocodile’s toothy mouth, which opens up to allow access to a large half-section of the box where a toy is inside waiting.

Cross-Promotional TV Boxes
The Publicis ad agency in Brazil designed a sturdy, handled box for the line of AXN TVs, which also cross-promoted the CBS television series “Criminal Minds.” The cross promotional box design was a win-win for AXN and CBS. View here

Gift-Shaped Boxes for Drink Promotion
Guests at a series of Suntory whiskey trial events a few years back were treated to gift packs including a multi-sided box with a clever bow, opening up to reveal a bottle of Perrier to be mixed with the relatively new to the scene Japanese whiskey, “Hibiki 12 Years.”

“Grease Not Gas” T-Shirt/Pizza Boxes
A recent tour promoting the beneficial uses of vegetable oil as a replacement for gas in our cars used t-shirt packages shaped like pizza boxes that enclosed free prizes for guests of a fundraiser event. Read more

Pet-Crate Shaped Box for PetSmart
Benjamin Yi, who was still studying Industrial Design at Art Center College of Design at the time, designed an innovative package for a PetSmart product line targeting pet owners who travel and want a short supply of food with a bowl in a transportable, handled cardboard box. See the design

Sneaker/Tissue Box
A recent project provided a creative team at Groovisions with the opportunity to design an innovative rectangular package with graphics that make it look like a sneaker and a corrugated design that allows you to use it as a tissue box once the sneakers are out and on your feet!

Swanky “Incase Courier Collection” Boxes
The Incase Courier Collection, which targets bike messengers with a premium line of bags, is known for sturdy and sophisticated packaging featuring such elegant details as button tie closures, sleek black string, and black text contrasting a basic brown cardboard background. See more

The best custom box retail designs for your business may be vastly different from these companies’ efforts, but the level of creativity should be the same. Just remember that a package is much more than just a box; a package is an integral part of the story your product tells.

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