Custom Boxes Now Client of the Month: Microchip ID Systems

Whether you’re a pet owner, interested in animal welfare or just curious about the latest pet-related technology, chances are you’ve heard of the Permanent Microchip, an implant used to track and protect animals. This month, Great Northern and Custom Boxes Now are especially thrilled to feature our “Client of the Month” for January: Microchip ID Systems.

The company, which manufactures ISO-Certified microchips that are humanely and safely implanted in animals, helps to track down lost pets, monitor the activities of endangered species both in the wild and in research and can even benefit the work of zoologists who are looking to understand the behavioral habits of beloved animals so they can increase their quality of life. They even make a special “EquineChip” for equestrians who need to make sure their horses are in tip-top shape for upcoming races and games. And regardless of the size of the animal (we’re not kidding…they even make products for frogs!), Microchip ID Systems can help keep your four-legged family member safe, by making something that can be inserted into your pet, pain-free. With over 5,000 pet searches to their database every day, they’ve reunited countless animals with their owners.

So, we were flattered and excited when they asked us to create packaging consistent with the integrity, seamlessness and functionality of their company. They stated, “We looked long and hard for a packaging company that would work with us, with enthusiasm, on a new design for our custom shipping boxes. We wanted our boxes to be eco-friendly and to send a message about our business. We also wanted to stand out from our competitors.” We were up to the challenge, and eager to create something that not only suited, but exceeded, those needs.

Especially important to Microchip ID Systems was the desire to find high-resolution and superior prints within eco-friendly packaging. They stressed they wanted white print on kraft brown boxes that would look chic, and not simply “reused.” We did everything we could to deliver, and since much of our business model relies on personal connections and strong communication, we had Brian, their account representative, send over samples of similar jobs we’d just completed. While many companies would simply say, “Sure, we can do that!” and move forward without consulting the client, only to deliver (unsurprisingly) lackluster results, we believe that giving our clients options and the ability to have input at different stages in the process saves time in the long run — and yields the best results.

Our friends at Microchip ID Systems said that Brian “walked us through the entire project” and was “patient and professional,” and that our “experience and attention to detail is a winning combination.” The shipping manager added that “the boxes are a pleasure to ship; they fold and come together perfectly.”

So, if you have an idea about or need for packaging for your company, but aren’t sure it’s a reality, what’s the takeaway? Just ask us. We can design and execute almost anything for your product needs.

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