6 Examples of Companies Using Custom Boxes to Reflect Their Products

A custom box can do much more than simply hold a product until a customer is ready to purchase, open, and use it. The right box can attract attention, enhance the un-packaging experience, help build brand identity, and continue doing your advertising for you long after the package has been opened. A high-quality and durable cardboard box with an eye-catching design isn’t so easy to toss out, after all, and as long as it’s being reused it will strengthen your brand identity every time someone sees it.

A truly creative and inspired box can even reflect the product inside with a few careful design tricks. Read on as we focus on six examples of the companies and designers taking their custom boxes to the next level with design ideas that reflect the actual products they’re selling.

Baby Star Shoe Box
Designer Ronny Poon developed a triangular box to hold baby-sized Chuck Taylor All Stars. These clever little boxes not only look like a shoe despite their triangular shape, but also give kids a chance to try out tying their laces with the lace-up box and can be fit into the Converse star once you have five boxes.


The elaborate boxes designed for Borinots reflect the delicacy of the almond-topped milk chocolate “pa de pessic” pastries hiding inside, as well as the name of the brand. The name – Borinot – is a type of flying insect, which is represented in the delicate wings of the box. Stylish details like the floral stamps further the overall effect and take consumers back to a grander time of pastry packaging.

John & Kira’s

John & Kira’s simple yet boldly elegant candy boxes match the color of the candies inside, but that’s not all. The packaging, designed by Studio AG, is meant to signify the handcrafted nature of the chocolates, which change with the seasons. And as the candies change, so does the packaging. This way customers are never bored and always in for a treat.

Letter-Shaped Vitamin Boxes
Polish designer Viktoriya Gadomska developed a set of boxes shaped like different letters, each highlighted with a different color, to represent the different vitamin supplements inside each box. From Vitamin A to Zinc, there’s no confusing which supplement you’re taking and there’s certainly no forgetting to take your vitamins with a box reminding you like this.

Origami Craft Box

A French package designer created an origami box for DIY/craft tools that shows how to reproduce the same origami shape again and again once it’s unfolded.

Sneaker Tissue Boxes
Groovisions designed a box printed to look like a sneaker, but the box’s usefulness doesn’t end there. It’s also the perfect size to become a box of tissues, it’s made from recycled cardboard, and it’s 100% recyclable.

All these custom box designs should serve as an example of how to reflect a product in its packaging. Any ideas on how to make your packages reflect your products? We’d love to hear them!

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