Custom Cardboard Shipping Box Style & Uses

We’re not supposed to eat the parsley sprigs, but the chef puts them on our plate anyway. We’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but publishers give them fancy designs anyway. We’re not supposed to dress our dogs in little doggie sweaters emblazoned with our alma mater, but let’s face it: presentation matters.

It would follow, then, that the package in which you receive a shipment also matters. What’s on the outside of the box sets the expectation for what’s inside the box. The color scheme chosen, the corporate logo on the side or top, the shape and weight of the box – all these things can elicit a specific desired emotional response from the recipient.

The Right Shipping Boxes For the Right Products

Luckily, Custom Boxes Now! can help your company get the right message to come with the right product. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes of custom cardboard shipping boxes, and we can place your company’s branding and colors on the outside.

If, for example, you need to ship something relatively flat (such as a book), we offer a one-panel folder (OPF) style. You fold the flap over and tape or glue it shut, and suddenly you have packaging that stacks well and can also be carried conveniently under your arm.

For items slightly less flat, we can provide a tray and cover style of shipping box. This kind of box works best with lightweight items such as clothing or marshmallows. Typically your customer will open it from the top, and there’s plenty of space on the top to present an emotional and dynamic printed design, so be sure to really make the most of that opportunity!

For bigger and heavier items, we can create full-overlap containers (FOL) (and corrugated pads if you need segmented shipments or just extra padding). Again, this kind of shipping box provides lots of space to show your company’s name and logo, with the full overlap on the top, you have five good surfaces to show who you are.

or irregularly-shaped items, there is the half-slotted container (HSC). This one is an open top container, somewhat specialized in the world of boxes. It offers plenty of opportunity to help your customers equate your company’s name and logo with the actual product itself at the very first glance.

And for most of daily life’s shipping needs, we have the regular slotted container (RSC). This is the most common type of shipping box, and can be manufactured in a vast range of custom sizes to complement your company’s entire product lineup. When you’re selling a product, you’re also selling your business’s reputation. Why not, when delivering an order, also deliver your company’s look and feel?

A properly-sized and shaped container with your company’s logo sets an expectation of professionalism and trust for the product inside. The package is the first thing your recipient sees and the first thing the recipient touches, so remember: presentation matters!

Contact us at Custom Boxes Now! for help picking the right shipping box dimensions, style, and design or logo printing for your needs. Or use our Custom Box Configurator to get started immediately! Additionally, don’t hesitate to also contact Creative Displays Now! for any retail store display needs to supplement your custom shipping boxes.