The Difference Between Tuck Top & Front Tuck Boxes

There are many box styles to choose from when picking a box for shipping or retail purposes. Two of the most popular options are roll end front tuck boxes (REFT) and roll end tuck top boxes (RETT). Learn the difference between these two popular box types to discover which style is the best choice for your business needs. 

Why Boxes Are Important for Your Business

With so many different aspects of running a business, boxes may not be at the top of your priority list, but they should be up there. Your customers directly interact with packaging boxes, making your box choice and design a great way to connect and communicate with them. Effective box design is especially essential for e-commerce businesses. 

Boxes or packages from e-commerce sites are the primary way consumers can physically interact with the brand. They allow you to share your brand identity with your customers when you don’t have a physical storefront.

Customizing boxes with your logo and brand colors also helps build brand recognition among your customers and anyone else who may see or encounter your package. How you design your boxes can also help shape consumers’ views of your brand. For example, if you want to be seen as an exclusive, high-quality brand, then your box needs to look luxurious and well put together.

REFT vs. RETT Box Design

Two options for packaging your products are REFT and RETT boxes. The most noticeable difference between REFT and RETT boxes is how they close. 

1. REFT Boxes

REFT boxes have additional rounded flaps on the lid that securely tuck into the front of the box, which prevents the box from opening unexpectedly throughout the supply chain process. The flaps provide extra security so that you can skip taping the box shut. 

For extra protection, additional dust flaps can be added to REFT boxes. These flaps are added to the side of the box for extra support and to block dust and other particles from entering the box.

2. RETT Boxes

Meanwhile, RETT boxes simply tuck the lid into the front of the box. These boxes also have a double layer of protection on their bottom and sides. If RETT boxes are used for shipping, they will require tape or another adhesive to ensure the box stays closed throughout the distribution, shipping and delivery process. 

Characteristics of REFT and RETT Boxes

Consider the following characteristics of front tuck boxes and tuck top boxes to see which would work best for your products: 

Assembly Time

REFT boxes provide extra security without needing tape, but they will require more time and energy to assemble since they have extra flaps that need to be folded and secured into place. Since RETT boxes have a simple design, production lines can fill boxes much faster because they do not have to deal with folding any additional flaps.

Materials Needed

Since REFT boxes have extra flaps, they need additional material to be produced. So, if you are looking for a box option that will give you cost savings over time, RETT boxes are a better fit. However, keep in mind that RETT will also require adhesive materials such as tape or labels. 

Depending on the size of the box you need and what box provider you use, REFT boxes may require a one-time fee for your custom cutting die, the tool that is used to create your boxes.


REFT boxes provide the end user with an excellent unboxing experience, making them a great option for e-commerce sites. Custom-designed REFT boxes can help your e-commerce site connect with your consumers and leave a lasting impression on them without ever interacting face-to-face. Making the unboxing process enjoyable can lead customers to have positive feelings about your brand.

Common uses of the REFT box include:

  • E-commerce
  • Subscription boxes
  • Electronics
  • Apparel

For shipping purposes, RETT boxes are typically used for master packing and kitting because of their double-layer protection. Kitting is when related items are packaged separately but placed into another box together to be shipped. However, RETT boxes can be used for more than just shipping.

Other uses for RETT boxes include:

  • Pizza boxes
  • Pastry boxes
  • Shelf storage containers
  • Sales kit containers

When RETT boxes are used for purposes other than shipping, they do not require tape. Without tape, opening the box is very easy for the end user as they do not need special box cutters or tools. Very minimal effort is required as they simply lift the box’s top open.


Both types of boxes offer customization opportunities. As mentioned before, both REFT and RETT boxes come in various sizes. Custom box retailers allow you to create the specific box size you need instead of purchasing from stock sizes that improperly fit your products.

Customization continues with the logo or designs you add to your boxes. You can add designs to the entire box or focus on displaying a logo or small design. Both REFT and RETT boxes provide ample opportunity for engaging design that can elevate your packaging. 

You have several printing options to choose from to make your box unique and customize it further. These printing options typically include:

  • Flexographic printing: Flexographic is the most basic type of box printing and is ideal for large orders. It prints the logo or designs straight onto the box using printing plates.
  • Digital printing: Digital printing also prints directly onto the box. However, digital printing is only recommended for small to medium orders.
  • Litho laminating: Through litho laminating, your box can have a photo-realistic design. Unlike the other two printing methods, litho laminating prints the design onto paper and the paper is then applied to the box.

For RETT boxes, you would mainly look at utilizing flexographic printing, though the other options may be suitable depending on your intended design. Meanwhile, REFT boxes can easily work with any of the printing methods. Working with a custom box company will help you find the best printing option for your design and needs. 

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