Full Overlap Slotted Containers for Full Protection

Choosing Full Overlap Slotted Containers for Shipping

While most products arrive safely at their destination when packed into standard corrugated boxes, some items have specialized needs that regular boxes can’t always accommodate. In fact, studies show there was a 19.1% increase in package damage between February and March of 2020. In these instances, FOLs may have been able to come to the rescue.

What is the FOL box style, and how can you put it to best use? Read on to learn about the benefits of these corrugated boxes.

Full Overlap container for Trail Truffles

What Does FOL Mean in Reference to Boxes?

FOL is an abbreviation that stands for “full overlap slotted container.” It refers to a type of box with flaps that differ from those on standard shipping and packaging boxes. As opposed to standard boxes with top and bottom flaps measuring about half the box’s width, FOL boxes have long flaps that almost totally overlap one another.

These flaps are about one inch shy of completely overlapping, and this small gap allows the flaps to lay flat against each other without any buckling. The result is a double-thick construction that gives the FOL box superior strength to protect its contents, even in the face of rough shipping conditions.

When Should You Use FOL Boxes?

You have endless options for using full overlap slotted containers. Businesses in almost every industry find FOLs ideal for certain items due to their extra rigidity and protective elements. At Custom Boxes Now, we recommend FOL style boxes for shipping:

  • Long items: With solid sides and durable end flaps, extended FOL boxes are great for easily sealing away bulky items like furniture and artwork.
  • Fragile items: When you’re shipping delicate products on long trips across the country or even over international waters, you’ll want to make sure they’re as protected as possible. Using a FOL box greatly increases the safety of your products while in transit, saving your business money in refunds and replacements due to shipping damage.
  • Heavy items: If you’re worried that your heavier products will fall through your standard boxes, FOLs are your solution. Since they have double reinforcement on the top and bottom, full overlap containers can hold more weighty items.

How Can You Use FOL Boxes?

FOL boxes are strong and adaptable, making them ideal for a range of industries, applications and products. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of FOL boxes to protect your specialized products:

  • When shipping long items: Securely sealing a long box with an equally long piece of tape can be a challenge, but extended FOL boxes provide the perfect solution thanks to their solid sides and short, durable end flaps. You can easily seal your FOL’s ends shut with just two modest pieces of tape, and the double flap layers also give you the option to take your security to the next level with industrial staples. Long items that may call for a FOL box include lightweight furniture and decor pieces, garments and apparel, and artwork.
  • When shipping delicate items: Shipping fragile items often seems like risky business. However, with its thick flaps that can stand up to excessive weight or pressure, the FOL box style can prevent your delicate products from being crushed while in transit. This extra protection also minimizes the chance for wasteful and costly product damage and can reduce the frequency of product return. The FOL box style is ideal for items like antique pieces, mirrors, items with sentimental value and some types of food products.
  • When shipping heavy items: Whether its overlapping flaps are located on the top or end panels, the FOL box’s reinforced construction lets you avoid the headache of weighty items prematurely breaking out of their standard shipping boxes. Use FOL corrugated boxes for hefty items, such as things made out of heavy metals or bulky materials.

If you’re packaging or shipping something long, delicate or extra heavy, FOL box styles may be the optimal solution for getting your product in the hands of consumers intact, so they remain content, loyal and satisfied with their purchase experience.

How to Fold a FOL Box

Because the overlapping flaps are different from standard boxes, you may feel unsure how to fold them — but don’t worry. The process is very straightforward. To fold a FOL box, you must:

  1. Place your product and any packaging material, product inserts or filler inside the box.
  2. Close the first flap, laying it flat against the opening. A correctly designed box will have no bending or significant creasing when you do this.
  3. Push the second flap down so it is lying flat on top of the first, creating a complete overlap.
  4. Secure the flaps with a small tab of shipping tape or box staples.
  5. Attach any labels, stickers or other necessary information if applicable.
  6. Repeat the process for other boxes.

Get FOL Corrugated Boxes at Custom Boxes Now

At Custom Boxes Now, we have the custom corrugated cardboard boxes you need for your business’s shipping and packaging. Choose from several box types, including FOL boxes. Use our online configuration tool to input your desired dimensions, quantity and box strength, and receive an estimate. We are also happy to provide additional services, such as custom box printing to promote your brand.

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