The Ultimate Guide to Corrugated Box Designs

The possibilities of corrugated box design are practically endless in this day and age, but many retailers, vendors and business owners still don’t know what all of their options are. While in the past we have described a limited number of corrugated box possibilities, here we’ll provide a more comprehensive guide to the nuances of corrugated box design, including approximately 15 different variations. These variations make it possible for retailers, vendors and business owners to package their products in the exact right box for the shape and purpose of the item, and the nature of the transaction. So read on and see what you might be able to do with just the right box.

The Long List of Corrugated Box Types
Below you’ll find the most common varieties of corrugated custom boxes. While this is a long list, it’s still important remember that this is by no means a comprehensive list. There are always more possibilities when you get creative and customize your box packaging design, but it’s a more complete guide than you’re likely to find elsewhere online!

  • Regular Slotted Container – this standard box design has a slotted top and bottom
  • Bliss Style Container – this blissful box has two opening sides on top that open like a flower
  • Center Special Slotted Container – a special slotted top and bottom that fits perfectly together
  • Display Tray or High Wall Tray – this is a box without a top and with a front opening or display window
  • Integral Divider Container – this special box is like a regular slotted container but with a divider inside
  • Five Panel Folder or Harness Style Five – a style of folding box with five panels that “harness”
  • Full Telescope Design Style Container – this short rectangular box comes with a special lid on top
  • Half Slotted Container – this one’s just got a slotted bottom and no top to leave room for a lid
  • One Piece Folder – a folding box that is made from one piece of cardboard with tabs and slots
  • Pre-Glued Auto Bottom with RSC Top Flap – this modified regular slotted box comes pre-glued
  • Rock End Tray with Locking Cover – similar to some wrap-around boxes, but has a locking tray. Creating this type of box often includes a die cut template design.
  • Self-Erecting Six Corner Tray – this unique style of box folds in on one corner
  • Snap or 1-2-3 Bottom Container with Tuck Top – a snapping bottom and special top that tucks in
  • Wrap Around Blank – another kind of folding box that wraps around rather than folding under

Note: Illustrations used here from Fibre Box Association

Now that you’ve read this ultimate corrugated box design guide, the wide range of possibilities within this medium should be clear. And when you consider the fact that custom box designs can be molded to the precise shape of a product or designed to remind shoppers of a related item or idea, and designed with all sorts of colors and styles, the possibilities really are endless. It all depends on your needs and goals with the product’s campaign, and other factors such as budget and shipping concerns. Are you ready to get the right cardboard box for your campaign? You can trust CBN to design packaging that is perfect for your product.

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