What is an RSC Box vs. a Die Cut Cardboard Box?

When you need to package your product securely and attractively, two of your options include the popular die cut box and an RSC box. Selecting the right option can help you with branding while ensuring your products arrive in great shape and please your customers.

What Are Custom RSC Boxes?

A custom RSC box has the same defining characteristics and efficiency as any regular slotted container but is tailored to meet specific requirements. It can be designed to have extra padding to protect more fragile items. You can also request for the container to have a particular size, length and depth based on your needs. Custom Boxes Now uses state-of-the-art technology to create custom cartons suited for packaging and shipping various types of products.

An RSC box is excellent for shipping products around the world due to the level of quality of the design and safety it provides products during transportation. On top of being made using environmentally friendly methods, RSC boxes are one of the most common and economical styles to manufacture, usually made of recycled corrugated cardboard material. High-quality custom RSC boxes can be used numerous times before being recycled.

What Does RSC Mean?

RSC is an acronym that stands for regular slotted container. This type of shipping box has four flaps that meet and can be taped closed. An RSC box is the most popular type of cardboard box and is used for shipping many products. It is available in numerous sizes, so you can choose the right size for your product.

RSC boxes don’t require added tooling and use minimal cardboard, so they’re an economical choice. They fold quickly but may need more tape than other box styles to maintain structural integrity during the shipping process. RSC boxes usually include some empty space around a product, so you may also need to insert filler, paper or other padding around an item to keep it safe during shipping.

RSC boxes are easy to break down for shipping and recycling — they’re usually made from recycled materials. These boxes can also be customized with graphics and colors to promote your brand.

What Is a Die Cut Box?

Die cut boxes get their name from a machine known as a die cutter or die press. This machine cuts corrugated cardboard into boxes. As a result of the die press, die cut boxes can be cut into a wider array of shapes and styles than RSC boxes.

Since die cut mailer boxes can be cut to size for your product, you may spend less on shipping costs and not need foam or other packaging materials. These boxes also have walls that create double padding, so the box itself offers extra protection for the products inside.

The walls of die cut boxes lock into place, and the lid typically closes with a tab, so these boxes have high structural integrity and may require less tape than RSC boxes. The added strength makes die cut boxes a smart solution for fragile items and international shipping, where the box may be subject to more handling.

Die cut boxes allow companies to get more creative and create truly customizable looks — they can be printed with logos and instructions. For customers, custom die cut boxes create an experience. They can be customized inside and, in some cases, even contain graphics inside. Since less tape is used, die cut mailer boxes can also be easier for customers to open. The added customer experience makes custom die cut boxes popular choices for higher-end items and luxury brands.

However, since they are more customizable and can be cut into different shapes, die cut boxes typically cost more than RSC containers.

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Choosing an RSC vs. Die Cut Box

Now that you understand the difference between die cut and regular slotted container boxes, you may be wondering what option is right for you. When making a choice, consider your:

  • Personal preferences. Some people prefer the customization of die cut boxes or the familiarity of RSC boxes.
  • Budget. RSC boxes are more economical, but you may need to budget for more tape and packaging materials. Die cut boxes cost more, but you may be able to get a tighter fit around your product — smaller boxes can mean reduced shipping costs.
  • Products. Do your customers tend to order multiple different products from you at the same time? If so, RSC boxes give you the flexibility of shipping one item, or potentially a few, in the same shipping box. If you tend to ship one item or delicate items, die cut boxes let you create a custom container that offers added protection.
  • Brand. In some industries, die cut boxes are standard. Plus, if you want to create a high-end offering with lots of color and an intricate design on the box, die cut boxes may be ideal. If you have a simple logo with one or two colors, RSC boxes may work well.
  • Customers. Choose die cut mailers if you want your customers to have an experience with elegant unboxing or your customers tend to unbox on social media. If your customers are concerned about being green, a recyclable regular slotted container and eco-friendly packaging materials may be good options.

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Whether you choose a RSC box or die cut boxes, Custom Boxes Now! can help. With over 60 years of experience helping companies secure quality, customized boxes for their needs, we have the large design staff and team to handle your box needs. Our 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in the United States helps us ensure every box we send is high quality.

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