Top 5 Folding Carton Styles & Designs

No matter what type of product you’re shipping, a folding carton can probably help promote and protect your merchandise. Plus, folding carton boxes are incredibly versatile and are often used for a myriad of different industries to package and ship products. Since folding cartons have so many options and styles, we’re helping you narrow down the differences by outlining the top five folding carton designs and styles. We’re even going to fill you in on their most common uses.

Straight Tuck End
One of the most popular folding carton styles is the straight end tuck, where the box opens from either end, with the flaps running perpendicular to one another. This style is often used to wrap chocolate and energy bars or other smaller food products, cosmetics, and lightweight electronic devices.

Straight Tuck End (STE) Folding Carton Box

As the name would suggest, simply slip these sleek, open-ended box sleeves over your product, or use sleeves to slip around your packaging to further spice up your custom designed boxes. Your packaging will not only be ready for its social media close-up, but it will also have an extra layer of security.

Chipboard Sleeve

Cake Box
Though you’ve probably seen these in the window of your favorite pastry shop, a cake box can actually be used to transport a lot more than just sweet delights. Ideal for more lightweight items, like pieces of clothing and yes, pastries, you can also order cake boxes with a translucent panel to give customers a hint at what’s inside. Durable enough to protect even the most precious of cargo, cake boxes fold one end on top of another to ensure that everything stays in its place.

Chipboard Cake Box

Hanger Box
Looking for a great way to help your favorite store save shelf space? Shipping individual items or smaller batches to stores or customers? The hanger box is a super-convenient option, which closes at one end and then has a small hook space at the other, so it can hang from metal rods in stores. Ideal for small pieces of technology, tools, and even some cosmetics!

Chipboard Hanger Box – Retail Packaging

Tuck Top
Though it may sound like a synchronized diving move, the reverse tuck folding box is open at one end, with durable flaps that lock into place. These boxes are ideal for shipping heavier items, while still being simple to open. You may have seen them encasing perfume and wine bottles, computer chargers, snacks and goodies on the go, or even some office supplies.

Tuck Top Box – Chipboard Packaging

Now that you know the different styles and uses of some of our favorite folding cartons, you and your team can evaluate which type will best serve your needs. Remember too, that boxes are fully customizable. Give your clients more than just a regular brown box on their doorsteps. Surprise them with boxes decorated with your logo, brand colors, and themed designs. Stuck for ideas? Read through our blog to get your creative juices flowing!

To start your own folding carton project, click here or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.