What is Secondary Packaging?

About Secondary Packaging

Establishing the appearance of a product and how something will make its way to retail shelves is a huge part of running a business. Companies must have numerous levels of packaging to protect investments, reduce losses and ensure orders arrive in one piece. If your organization works with e-commerce sales or big box retailers, the term, “secondary packaging” should ring a bell.

Business owners have an important decision to make when transporting goods. What form of secondary packaging is right for your industry, and what can be done to stand out in a high-traffic environment? If you’re asking yourself these questions, it’s time to make secondary packaging materials a focal point of your marketing and shipping efforts.

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Secondary Packaging Box

What Is Secondary Packaging?

Secondary packaging has a diverse definition. The concept relates to materials that protect primary packaging and inform consumers about a product’s purpose. Secondary packaging might include brand emblems, nutritional information, instructions and eye-catching designs. The goal of secondary packaging is to keep product contents together, defend against damage and bundle items so that they are visually appealing.

A great secondary packaging example would be a cardboard case of soda. Inside the box, you’ll find what customers are actually looking for. The cardboard enclosure cushions small impacts during transit, prevents the bottles from cracking and helps regulate quality control.

Are All Secondary Packaging Materials the Same?

Secondary packaging materials serve a practical function in all industries. Business owners should take a look at their products and decide what type of solution is appropriate for their needs. Most companies dealing with e-commerce transactions and retail fulfillment orders rely on corrugated cartons, paperboard structures, cardboard boxes or plastic films.

Companies can help the planet with secondary packaging solutions that are environmentally responsible. Custom Boxes Now is a scendary packaging company that creates tailored shipping boxes that are 100% recyclable. Check out some of our secondary packaging examples today or contact us for secondary packaging services!


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Why Is Secondary Packaging So Important?

Secondary packaging gives companies the opportunity to build brand recognition. Display brand color schemes, patterns and texts that provide insight about mission statements and anything the customer should know before making a purchase. These shipping layers assist primary packaging materials in making sure there is a high product survival rate by the time orders reach a destination.

One of the major benefits of secondary packing materials is that these additions get products in the hands of consumers safely. Pieces of cardboard, outer wrappings and more allow you to separate your line from the competition all while reducing chances of spills and contamination.

Primary vs. Secondary Packaging

Primary and secondary packaging materials work as a team. All layers of packaging perform different tasks, so understanding the differences between these terms can help you configure an ideal setup.

Think of primary packaging as the materials and surfaces that make direct contact with goods. For example, a can holding soup, tomato sauce or vegetables is considered primary packaging. Introducing the cans or food to a secondary cardboard box keeps the shipping process manageable and enables retailers to easily place units on the sales floor.

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Contact Custom Boxes Now for Secondary Packaging Applications

Custom Boxes Now specializes in secondary packaging solutions for e-commerce sellers, subscription box companies and beyond. Our designers work with your product dimensions to determine the best approach for your merchandise. We stand out from other secondary packaging companies because we have the ability to form regular slotted containers, full overlap containers, single panel folders, corrugated pads and more. Use our box configurator to create a custom box outline in seconds.

We stand out from other box manufacturers with a G7 Master Certification for printing, and over 99% of orders arrive on time which helps you expand into new markets. Complete our contact form today for more information about our services.

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