Best Packaging for Shipping Clothes

Shipping clothes is easy when you have the right box. Clothes are lightweight, making them relatively affordable to ship, so you can budget more money toward the things that matter, like branding your custom boxes and creating an experience for your customers. 

What are the best packaging boxes for shipping clothes? Hands down, the C-series box is the ideal clothing box, whether you ship bulky jackets or silky scarves.

The C-series box is a corrugated cardboard self locking box with side dust flaps and a roll end front tuck that folds from the top to securely close. Rather than two flaps meeting in the middle to close with the help of tape, the C-series has a single flap that folds down over the top and locks into the front of the box.

C-series boxes are different than some other shipping boxes in that they require a cutting die. Custom Boxes Now carries a few standard cutting dies, so it’s worth asking about our sizing options if you’re interested. If tooling is required, meaning the box has to be cut, there will be an additional charge. However, this charge is usually a one-time fee, as long as you don’t change the size of your box.

Why are C-series boxes the best packaging boxes for shipping clothes?

  1. Secure and durable: The C-series’ front folding closure keeps the box tightly shut even without needing tape. Your clothing and apparel items will be completely protected, arriving safe and sound when you ship in a C-series.
  2. Classic: The ever-popular subscription boxes are known for their C-series packaging. Consumers are so used to them, they equate any product that is shipped in this style box as high-end, elite or unique.
  3. Prime real estate: C-series boxes are ideal for branding. A wide-open canvas, with no top seams or half flaps that will impede on your custom printing. You can brand your C-series completely across the top, promoting your logo and making sure your brand name is prominently visible.
  4. Branding versatility: Why stop branding on the outside? You can completely customize the interior of a C-series too. Unparalleled branding experiences can help you beat out the competition, because when customers see your one-of-a-kind custom printing, both inside and out, you’ll be their go-to brand in the future, too.
  5. Available in multiple finishes: C-series boxes are available in kraft, white or gloss with many variations on printing that will lend to setting your brand and box apart.
  6. Ease of assembly: C-series snap together in, well, a snap. Easy assembly and closure with a self-locking flap is ideal when you have many orders to fulfil.
  7. Custom fit: You can design a C-series in virtually any size or dimension you need, so your custom box will be a custom fit for any of your clothing items.
  8. Reusable: Customers love a great box, and the C-series do not disappoint. They open and close multiple times, without putting wear and tear on the integrity or structure of the box.

Four Reasons to Use Custom Packaging

When you’re looking to shave expenses, it might be tempting to skimp on the packaging and splurge on the product. A box is just a box, right? Not exactly.

When it comes to custom clothing packaging, your box choice speaks volumes about the quality of the product inside — and by extension, your brand as a whole. Creating custom packaging for your clothing line can contribute to a cohesive aesthetic and add value to your company. As you’ll discover from these four key benefits, custom clothing boxes are anything but frivolous.

1. Tell Your Story With Style

When consumers buy clothing, they’re looking for far more than the right fabric and fit — they want an experience. As a clothing brand, you have a unique story to tell and your branding is part of how you tell it. Whether you want your customers to feel glamorous or comfortable, your brand narrative will draw in the right crowd and assure them you can provide the experience they’re after.

The more consistent your branding, the more familiar and memorable your company will be. You can use custom colors, messaging and images to make a statement and remind customers about what sets your company apart.

2. Complement Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Many clothing retailers use a combination of physical and digital marketing to gain attention for their brand. You may have a specific social media campaign or strategy to engage with customers and encourage them to buy your clothing. Custom clothing packaging supplies can align with these digital efforts to create a cohesive, multifaceted strategy. If the quality of the box and product match the vision your customers have seen online, they are far likelier to feel happy with their purchase.

3. Give Your Customers the Best Experience Possible

Making customers happy should always be high on a business’s priority list. Custom shipping packaging for clothing is one simple — yet surprisingly effective — way to impress a shopper. With so many clothing options available, even a little thing can make a big difference when it comes to customer loyalty. Creating a memorable, positive brand experience will set the bar high and give you a huge edge over the competition.

How does custom packaging achieve this? Uniquely printed boxes show that you are willing to go above and beyond the standard shipping experience. It adds value to the product and stands out amid classic one-size-fits-all packaging.

4. Make It Easy for Your Retail Partners

Are you shipping your clothing products to a retail location rather than directly to a customer? Your custom packaging is just as important. You can tailor your boxes to include relevant product information, expiry dates and reorder information, making it easier for retailers to sell your brand.

Check Out Our Selection of Customizable Boxes

Custom Boxes Now offers a wide selection of customizable boxes perfect for shipping and storing clothing. Our recyclable boxes are environmentally friendly and lightweight, helping your company go green while cutting costs on shipping. With in-house printing and manufacturing capabilities, we can personalize your packaging with the colors and images of your choice. From C-series boxes and beyond, customize the size and style of your clothing packaging to perfectly fit your brand.

If you’re shipping clothes, you’re going to want to check out the C-series box. It is perfect and versatile with branding power that can elevate your image. Ready to ship your clothes? Check out our box configurator and create custom boxes today.

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