Five Key Produce Packaging Features for National Apple Month

Fresh fruits and vegetables require special handling during the shipping process. These delicate items can easily be bruised or damaged. Additionally, vegetables and fruits need the right packaging to protect them against environmental factors that could increase the risk of spoilage en route to their destinations. Because October is National Apple Month, the packaging experts at Custom Boxes Now have put together a list of the five most important elements to consider when packing these fruits for delivery to retail outlets or consumers.

Green-Friendly Packaging Options
Cardboard boxes are among the most popular choices for shipping apples thanks in part to the ease of recycling these materials. Cardboard is also biodegradable, making it a preferred choice among environmentally conscious firms. For many farmers and distributors, it only makes sense to pack all-natural apples in an all-natural packaging material like cardboard. By taking steps to appeal to the green-friendly demographic with biodegradable packaging, your company can improve its position in the competitive marketplace.

Superior Protection
Corrugated cardboard is often chosen when constructing custom boxes for products; its durability and resistance to crushing makes it an ideal choice for protecting apples on the way to market. Depending on the thickness chosen, the corrugated cardboard walls of the box can also provide added protection against bruising during the shipping process.

A Variety of Sizes and Shapes
At Custom Boxes Now, we specialize in creating custom boxes for products of all types to include fresh produce. Our boxes can be configured to hold just a few apples for consumer deliveries or sized to hold apples in bulk for retail distribution shipments. By varying the size and shape of packaging, apple farmers can distinguish their products from other in the marketplace while ensuring that fruit stays fresh and pristine all the way to the consumer.

Printed Graphics
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) requires that all food packaging include UPC codes to allow shipments to be traced. The variety, grade and size of the apples must be marked on the primary container. The grower or shipper’s name must also be included. When all these regulatory requirements have been satisfied, the remainder of the box is an ideal canvas for your company’s marketing message. Full color graphics and corporate logos can set your apple products apart from the everyday and can make the most positive impression on consumers and distributors alike. Taking advantage of this opportunity to enhance your visibility can increase your sales and visibility among your target demographics.

Extended Shelf Life
Combining plastic containers with exterior boxes can sometimes extend shelf life for apples and other fruits. This can also provide added options for marketing apples directly to consumers in prepackaged amounts, ensuring the most effective presentation and marketing for these fruits in the supermarket environment.

The right packaging solutions can enhance the appeal of apples and other fruits and can ensure that they arrive safely at their retail destinations. By working with the experts at Custom Boxes Now, you can ensure that your products are well protected during National Apple Month and all through the year.

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