How Does Packaging Contribute to Product Identification?

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How Does Packaging Contribute to Product Identification?
Question: What does your branding actually say about your brand? Does it tell your story? Catch the eye of your consumer? Set you apart from your competitor?

Another question: Are you using your branding to maximize sales? Because you can, and should be.

How? Easy — Your Packaging

If your branding and product packaging aren’t working overtime for you, we’ve got some bad news for you. You’re missing a HUGE…no, make that: H-U-G-E opportunity. The good news? You can fix it! The better news? We’re here to help you!

Custom packaging and branding makes a bigger difference than ever to savvy, demanding customers who now look for more than just the product. Today’s consumer wants more, expects more, from the brands they support.

How can you give them more? By thinking about their entire experience when they buy from you. From the moment they pick that box up off the shelf (or click add-to-cart online), they should be excited about your brand. It should stand out from brand X on the shelf next to yours. Having branded, beautiful, memorable packaging is one way to do just that.

Why Should I Care About Branding?

Because your customer does. Because it shows you care about what you’re selling. Because it means your consumer is going to come back. Because branding is every customer’s first experience with your product. And giving customers a pleasant experience from A to Z means they’re more likely to purchase a second (third, fourth, fifth…) time.

In fact, 48 percent of all consumers say their first experience with a brand determines their loyalty. That’s almost half of your customers!

Does My Branding Really Matter?

Emphatic YES! here. Branding goes above and beyond just making your product look pretty sitting on the shelf. It does double-duty by also increasing brand-awareness and making sure your customer remembers your name. The more people see your brand and logo, the better they’ll remember you. And if you’re not convinced yet, mull this over for a bit.

78 percent of all consumers believe that the brands who take the time to create custom content are more trustworthy than the brands who don’t.
But, is packaging really “content”? We would argue yes. Anything that has your name on it is an extension of your content. And when you think about your brand, nothing is more important than your name and reputation. When you take the time to create custom packaging, you show consumers you care, which translates to trust. And being trustworthy is worth its weight.

How Can I Make My Branding Work For Me?

Why and how are you different (hence: better) than Company Joe Schmoe down the street or on Seriously, think about it…why should a customer choose you over the next company?

More importantly – how many opportunities do you have to prove yourself or to set yourself apart? Smart brands take every. opportunity. available. to do this. Let your packaging and branding help. Gone are the days a plain brown box with a printed-at-home-using-clip-art mailing label slapped on it will work. Take advantage of the real estate your packaging has to offer. A box is a canvas with six, beautiful, blank, gorgeous sides for you to tell your story and stand out. Use them! Your customer will notice, and better than that, they’re more likely to reward you with loyalty.

What Matters More — Form or Function?

Trick question! The reality is, both form and function are absolutely essential when it comes to your packaging. Your branded shipping boxes need to be up for the task of securing and transporting your products. This requires each box to have a level of durability and strength while remaining lightweight and easy to move. If your packaging can’t handle the potential bumps of transportation, it’s not a good choice — no matter how pretty it looks.

However, this doesn’t mean that function should be your only priority. When it comes to impressing customers — and encouraging them to repeat their purchase — your package needs to tell a story. This is where form comes in. Seize every opportunity to engage with your customers and stamp your brand in their memory.

While the old sayings warn against judging a book by its cover, most customers will do just that when it comes to your packaging. Custom options will help them recognize your package from afar and feel familiar with your brand. Don’t underestimate the importance of both custom printing and a quality box — remember, form and function can blend seamlessly with the right packaging supplier!

How Does My Industry Impact My Shipping Box Choices?

Are you wondering whether the rules of branding apply to you? The answer will almost always be an emphatic yes. Companies across every industry shipping any kind of product imaginable find that branding is a powerful way to engage with customers and enhance awareness. Whether you’re a hip coffee roaster, a retro clothing brand, an office supply manufacturer or a… well, you get the point. No matter what line of business you’re in, there’s no escaping the importance of branded packaging.

Don’t Forget to Get Creative

Your packaging isn’t the place to play it safe. After you meticulously crafted a quality product, marketed your brand and completed a sale, it’s time to unlock some creative inspiration. Customers want to be surprised and delighted. They often respond to detailed, creative packaging that shows some personality. Your custom box is the perfect way to stay fresh.

How you do this is up to you — that’s where your creativity comes in. With our custom box generator, you can tailor the style, shape, size and material of your boxes. You can also add images, logos and messaging, which we’ll apply through our in-house printing process.

Our printing capabilities give you the chance to personalize every detail of your shipping boxes with a little bit of flair. Choose colors that pop, or a palette that represents your brand. Add artwork that will build on your company’s message or a current social media campaign — the choice is yours.

Start by thinking about what sets your business apart. If your brand is big on sustainability, only buys local or specializes in handmade clothing, your packaging is the perfect opportunity to reflect your values. Even a small spark of creativity can make a big difference!

Create One-of-a-Kind Branded Shipping Boxes With Help From Our Team

Custom Boxes Now has been delivering superior custom designed and printed boxes for half a century. Need some guidance? We’re good at that, too. Reach out today to find out how we can help you up your branding game or use our configurator to create custom boxes today..