What Products Are Safe to Ship in Cardboard Boxes?

If you’re trying to get your small business off the ground or you’re reviewing your business’s current packing methods, you’re probably wondering what packaging you should use. Cardboard shipping boxes are popular for delivering products, but are they right for your goods? Learn about the best products to ship in this type of packaging.

What Are Corrugated Shipping Boxes?

What many business owners think of as cardboard boxes are technically known as corrugated fiberboard shipping boxes. This sturdy material is made from a fiberboard medium with several folds pressed between two flat sheets. Corrugated boxes are suitable for many different products, and the material is used for shipping purposes across industries.

What Are the Benefits of Using Corrugated Shipping Boxes?

To determine if shipping with cardboard boxes is right for your brand, consider the advantages. This type of shipping box has many benefits for all kinds of products, like:

Superior Protection

Corrugated packaging is created using sturdy materials that provide high-quality protection for products. Shipping boxes withstand pressure well and prevent damages, allowing your products to hold their value from production so you can collect a full profit.

You can select the thickness of the cardboard material when you choose your shipping boxes. Thicker walls make the boxes more durable. Securely packaged boxes absorb shock and can keep your products from banging around.

Adaptable Packaging

You can package a variety of products using different sizes of cardboard boxes. This type of packaging is versatile and adapts well to your needs as a seller. You can order boxes cut into different shapes that will snugly fit your products, and you can use inserts and packing materials inside to complete the fit.

Stackable products like books already fit well in the shape of a rectangular box, but products of just about any shape will fit well inside boxes. Shoes and toys are all commonly sold in boxes, so you can fit these and other pre-packaged products inside a shipping box with ease.

Lightweight Shipping

Lightweight packaging materials are preferable for shipping. When every ounce counts toward what you will pay to send your products out, it’s important to use a material that is as lightweight as possible. Cardboard is strong and light, making it a good choice for items that need to be transported over great distances.

Extra thick fiberboard is also light in weight, so the items inside will have an even weight distribution. Cardboard is easy to transport and handle, too, which benefits your warehouse workers.

Affordable Materials

Cardboard is a low-cost material, and the boxes are available in many designs and sizes. If your business is looking for the most economical method for shipping products, corrugated materials are cost-effective. 

Easy Transportation

The shape of cardboard boxes makes them easy to load into a vehicle. They are also stackable and can withstand a significant weight capacity when loaded on top of one another. The uniform shape simplifies the unloading process for heavy products or products with many parts.

Products You Can Ship in Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard packaging is universally used for shipping in many industries. This material makes a good choice for several different types of goods, regardless of their large size or irregular shape. Below are the products most commonly shipped using boxes: 

1. Shoes and Apparel

Fashion items are often double-packaged. For apparel items, clothing or accessories can be contained in a plastic pouch and shipped in a cardboard box for maximum protection. You can easily fit small or large orders into varying cardboard box sizes to meet your customers’ needs.

2. Textiles

Manufacturers of fabric materials often use boxes to ship their products, including other sewing or craft supplies. Boxes help keep out moisture and keep the textiles safe from debris during transport. 

3. Food

You can fill a foam container with dry ice or ice packs to keep food products fresh then place the foam container into a corrugated cardboard box. Cardboard seals your products from the outside air, keeping food items safe from damage. 

Cardboard is also an eco-friendly material, as it’s 100% recyclable, and it appeals to catering, food service and subscription companies that want to provide consumers with healthy meals processed using environmentally friendly methods.

Please note that Custom Boxes Now is NOT food-grade certified. We can produce custom boxes for food items, as long as the food is pre-packaged and does not come in contact with the corrugated material.

4. Office Supplies

Corrugated boxes are perfect for stationery, copy paper, printer ink, pens and plenty of other office supplies. One lightweight box has a lot of room for small items and allows for low-risk transportation. With packing materials, the boxes are secure enough to keep your products from clanging together and getting damaged.

5. Industrial Supplies

Corrugated packaging is ideal for heavy supplies with many parts. Boxes can safely transport everything from large furniture items with assembly required by the buyer to raw building materials. Packing industrial supplies intended for commercial or personal use is easy when you’re using a corrugated box.

6. Electronics

Many electronic products are sensitive to extreme changes in temperature, moisture and rough handling. These products are often expensive, and it’s important to get them to your customers in a good condition. Cardboard boxes and appropriate filler are great for fragile items like electronics. You can print a fragile warning logo on the outside of the boxes and use packing that effectively insulates the contents.

7. Health Care and Personal Items

Packaging medications and other small, valuable health care products using corrugated boxes can help keep these items safe. The boxes will maintain a consistent temperature with the assistance of dry ice or another coolant when needed. Corrugated boxes make transporting multiple small items easy, too, great for anything from self-care subscription boxes to a large order of supplements or medications.

8. E-Commerce

If you sell your physical products in an online store, you know how important delivery presentation is. Whether you own a subscription box company or another business that deals in e-commerce, you want your packaging to stand out. This is especially important for small businesses that are just starting. You can have your corrugated shipping boxes customized to sharpen the appearance.

Make sure you select a style of box that suits your products. You can use a standard shipping box or choose a custom model. Enhance your marketing and elevate your brand by using corrugated shipping boxes.

Order Custom Shipping Boxes for Your Products With Custom Boxes Now

Do you want to use corrugated boxes for your products? We create custom shipping boxes based on your specifications, which can include your images, measurements and other specs. Our dedicated team of structural designers will engineer the best solution for your company.

Have questions about our services? Contact us for answers about our manufacturing process. If you’re ready to give your customers the best possible unboxing experience, order custom shipping packaging in bulk today.