How to Make Your Shipping Materials More Brandable

how to make your shipping materials more brandable

If you want to upgrade your business’s shipping and handling practices, you can do so with new packaging. The kind of packaging you use is vital, as it plays a role in how your product arrives at its final destination. Aside from ensuring your packaging is protective enough, you can use it as an opportunity to display your brand.

Keep reading for some tips on how you can make every aspect of your products’ shipping more brandable.

How Can I Customize My Packaging?

As you work on your packaging methods, focus on their structural integrity before you give the aesthetics or other aspects an overhaul. Once you’ve made sure your box is of the right size and quality to keep products fully protected, you’re ready to put brand marketing on your plain boxes and bags.

You can market your products using well-designed packaging. Each sale is an opportunity to get your brand out there. Custom shipping materials that contain your brand message will attract more attention in addition to dressing up the products.

Try the following methods for spreading brand awareness:

1. Using Custom Shipping Boxes

If you place all of your concern on getting boxes to customers safely, you miss out on prime branding opportunities. Smooth deliveries are important, but so is your branding. Make your boxes memorable to customers and those around them by using unique boxes

For example, adding your company’s logo and colors is a small, affordable change. When a package from your brand arrives on a customer’s doorstep, they’ll immediately know what they’ve received. Additionally, people will be able to take notice of your unique packaging as they see packages being delivered.

2. Using Custom Packing Tapes

Custom shipping tape is another inexpensive way to add a touch of branding to your packaging. Since tape is a required material for sealing your boxes, printing details like your brand name, logo or tagline requires a small alteration to the materials you’ve been using.

In terms of options for the packing tape, you have many, and you can use a different color or width from the kind you normally use for a fresh update.

3. Using Custom Wrapping Tissue

Wrapping tissue is similar to what you’d use as a gift wrap and adds a quality of excitement when opening the package. Wrapping tissue can be thin or thick, depending on the aesthetic and appeal you want your product to have. With your brand details printed over the wrapping tissue, a customer immediately associates the brand with opening your product.

4. Using Custom Shipping Bags

Shipping bags are an alternative to boxes that function best as a delivery material for certain products. They offer slightly more versatility than boxes, and some customers save them to use later. Most standard bags are generally made from affordable materials, with eco-friendly options for environmentally conscious products.

branded materials create impressions of your products

The Benefits of Custom Shipping Materials

Using custom shipping materials has several business advantages for marketing and selling your products, including:

  • Brand awareness: The most obvious benefit on this list, your branded materials create the impression that your products are professional and increase your reputability with your customers.
  • Product identification: Packages with custom labeling are easier to sort, leading to fewer incidents where a product is misplaced and less time and money spent on replacements.
  • Increased traceability: When an item is lost in transit, your custom shipping tape is a link back to your company, ensuring the item is returned to the appropriate party. If you include contact information, the batch number or EC number with your branding, it’ll be even easier to trace a lost product.
  • Low-cost marketing: In terms of marketing costs, custom branding is a highly affordable way to promote your products, especially when you use one simple method to dress up your packages, like custom shipping tape.

How Do I Pack My Products for Shipping?

You can maintain high-end service for your products with the right shipping materials and design. Below are some ideas for how you can include high-quality packaging with your orders:

  • Pack with branded tape to hold packages together.
  • Use themed filler materials to keep products well-insulated.
  • Add stickers to protect your seals.
  • Include wrapping tissue as an added bonus.

Below are the different types of custom branding shipping materials you can deliver to your customers:

  • Shipping tape: Instead of using standard brown shipping tape, select a tape in your company colors and have your logo printed on it. Tape is a low-cost material that can deter product tampering.
  • Shipping paper: If you’re wrapping products to protect them in transit, replacing your standard paper with something more interesting to look at can make a difference to customers.
  • Biodegradable shipping peanuts: These eco-friendly materials are good for companies that want to promote an environmentally friendly theme or message. They can be mass-produced from corn starch, an affordable ingredient that is nontoxic and entirely safe.
  • Stickers: This material adds safety to your package while being entirely brandable. You can add greetings to the stickers or helpful information you want a customer to have.

Custom Packaging for Small Businesses

For small businesses and startups just getting off the ground, coming up with the most affordable custom packaging can be a challenge. You have to find materials you know are affordable while also being worthwhile for promoting your brand.

If you’re investing in custom boxes, you’ll pay a slightly higher cost for your packaging, but you’ll also elevate your brand identity, leading to an increase in sales. When ordering custom packaging for small businesses, do the following:

  1. Start small: A small change in the features of your packaging can go a long way.
  2. Focus on your customers: Consider improving your customer’s experience and what you can do to achieve that.
  3. Use pre-designed packaging: If you want to cut costs on packaging customization, order something predesigned in your company colors, which can be a more economical option.
  4. Use a stamp: Designing a specialized seal as a label sticker is a simple branding solution you can apply to just about any type of packaging. You can use your stamp on all of your products instead of designing separate packaging materials for each product.
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