You Had Me At First Glance: Keys to Creating the Right First Impression with Your Shipping Boxes

First impressions are of critical importance in the marketing industry. Presenting your products in the right shipping containers and boxes can make a real impact on your online customers. At Custom Boxes Now, we offer a wide array of printing choices to help your graphics stand out and to support your branding efforts with every box you ship. We offer two primary types of printing services:

  • Lithography offers the highest quality of image reproduction and the greatest color fidelity for your custom printed boxes. The process generally involves printing directly on top quality paper and then affixing that directly to the corrugated cardboard box to deliver the most attractive results for your shipping cartons and packaging materials.
  • Flexographic printing is the least expensive method for applying graphics and print to the outside of your corrugated boxes. You can choose the number of colors you need to make your marketing statement. In most cases, the images and designs you choose are printed directly onto the box for even greater savings.

Our knowledgeable printing experts can provide you with the best recommendations to ensure that your products are protected and showcased on their way to destinations across town or all around the country. Here are some of the ways in which Custom Boxes Now can help your products inspire love at first glance.

Innovative Box Designs
We can help you create and configure boxes in all shapes and sizes to complement your marketing campaigns and your branding efforts. By choosing a unique shape for your package, you can make a lasting impression on current and prospective clients. These unexpected configurations can also help your products stand out from the crowd during the holiday shopping season. The Custom Boxes Now design team will work with you to transform your ideas into a practical work of packaging art.

Graphics, Images and Fonts
Our years of experience in the custom printing field allows Custom Boxes Now to deliver the clearest, crispest graphics and images for your shipping solutions. We will work with you to define the parameters of your printing project and to integrate your corporate logo and branding materials into your finished box. By connecting your packaging materials with your existing marketing campaigns, you can support the efforts of your sales staff every time you make a shipment.

At Custom Boxes Now, we are committed to providing you with top-quality printing and custom box designs to boost your visibility in the consumer marketplace. Whatever your printing needs, we are here to help you make the right first impression on new customers and repeat buyers alike.

To start your own project go to or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.