7 Tips for Designing Graphics for Custom Boxes

You have a unique, high-quality product that solves your target audience’s problems, but how do you differentiate yourself from your competition in a crowded marketplace? Customized packaging is one way to achieve your goals for your brand, and Custom Boxes Now! has all the tools and tips you need to create the perfect box design

With custom packaging, we can help you gain brand awareness and favorable perceptions, while giving your brand a polished look and protecting your products from damage.

Have you found yourself asking, “How do I customize my packaging?” Here are our top tips for designing graphics for custom boxes. 

1. Ask the Right Questions

Asking questions is how we learn about life. It’s also a valuable leadership skill because it requires you to admit you don’t have all the answers. Here are some questions to start with.

What Is the Product? 

The product determines the packaging. Is your product breakable? Does it need sturdier protection? What are its dimensions? Customized packaging is an ideal solution for unusually shaped or sized items

Who Is Buying the Product?

Market research is an essential part of getting to know your customer and understanding the issues your products can help them solve. Identify your target market’s demographics — their age, occupation, values, income and gender. Keep these qualities top of mind when creating packaging for your product. If you make children’s toys and games, consider using bright, friendly colors. However, a more muted, professional tone might work better if you are marketing to CEOs.

How Are They Buying the Product? 

Your sales platform might significantly influence your packaging. For instance, if you’re solely an e-commerce retailer, ensure you choose durable, shippable material that follows the USPS guidelines. If you’re selling in a brick-and-mortar store, you need much less packaging, but it should be eye-catching to stand out on the shelf. 

2. Make Your Packaging Consistent With Your Brand

When designing graphics for packaging, use your brand’s logo, colors and fonts to ensure consistency. If your brand image is bright and cheery, using dark colors will not make sense. Similarly, making your logo prominent will ensure people associate it with your company.

3. Add Essential Elements

help your customers understand your product

Your ultimate goal with custom packaging is to help your customers understand your product. In addition to including your company’s name, logo and tagline, consider adding a brief, written description of the item inside. If your company sells food products, list the ingredients and nutrition facts. If your company has earned any certifications, such as those from the USDA, add the relevant marks to show your product’s reliability.

4. Understand Packaging Layers

How do you design box packaging? When creating custom packaging, consider these three layers.

  • Outer packaging is the first thing a customer sees, and it also helps protect your product from the elements. Make an impact by choosing the most relevant elements for your design. E-commerce retailers must ensure their boxes can withstand shipping and stacking against other boxes. If you own a store where you sell your products, the shopping bag counts as outer packaging. If you have control over the design, own it! Add your logo and create a design that supports your brand and shows off who you are.
  • Inner packaging protects your product inside the outer packaging. These materials can include bubble wrap, tissue paper, packing peanuts or crinkle paper. While your product is in transit to its final destination, it will get jostled, and the inner packaging will help protect it from getting scuffed, scratched or broken. 
  • Product packaging is arguably the most critical layer, especially for in-store purchases. It’s your customers’ first impression of your product, so make it attractive, eye-catching and high-quality. 

Do you want an extravagant design, or a more minimalist one? The choice is up to you, but make sure it stays consistent with the brand. 

5. Choose the Right Kind of Packaging

When choosing your packing, look to your competition for cues. If everyone’s doing something similar, there’s probably a reason. If you plan to stand out by going in a different direction, make sure you think through every possibility before deciding on a material. For example, liquid products shouldn’t leak through the packaging. 

Also, consider your budget. If you sell reasonably priced items, choose simple, affordable packaging that reflects your values. If you pride yourself on having an upscale brand, spend more money on the packaging to give your customer the luxurious experience they paid for. 

6. Get Feedback

Before settling on a custom packaging design, ensure it’s the perfect option! Run it by current customers and people who are unfamiliar with your brand. Make sure people see the connection and like the packaging. If the packaging is unappealing in some way, you run the risk of losing business.

7. Ask a Designer for Advice

Hiring a professional designer is an excellent investment when your goal is to create a perfect box design. After all, designing graphics for packaging requires specific knowledge and expertise. To get the most bang for your buck, make sure you get all the color codes, so you can quickly match them if you decide to redesign your packages down the road. 

Also, request the designs in the correct file format. You need the packaging dielines, aka templates, in vector format. These files will most likely come in an Adobe Illustrator, PDF or EPS file. Get access to edit these files in case something changes later. Having them in the correct format now will help save you from headaches later. 

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