Custom Box Design Helps You Stand Out

The impression you make on customers starts long before they try your product. Your packaging, including the cardboard box design, can profoundly impact the way customers experience your products. When you design your own box, you take control of the process so you can put your best foot forward.

The Shipping Box Design Process

If you aren’t a professional custom box designer, don’t worry — the team at Custom Boxes Now! can guide you through the process to help you create beautiful customized boxes that proudly represent your products. Bring us your ideas and artwork, and we’ll handle the rest. The box design procedure typically includes:

  • A look at your budget. You may be able to save in the long run by buying custom boxes in bulk. Understanding your budget early can also help you evaluate which types of boxes and designs make the most sense for you.
  • A consideration of your needs. Do you need different box designs for various products or seasons? Who is buying the product, and how can the box get them excited about your brand? Consider these questions and more about your product and what kind of box it requires. The box you need will also differ depending on where someone purchases a product, the size of the product and what your customers would love to see.
  • Brainstorming the design. We offer expert structural design services — but the graphic design of your box is up to you! This is where your creativity gets to shine. Consider what graphic design might be most exciting. Which colors will most appeal to your audience? What text do you want on the box? What kind of interior and exterior design will make unboxing a fun or luxurious experience? Custom Boxes Now! has an online box builder to guide you through your design choices.
  • Gathering what you need. You’ll need a vector of any logo you want to include, the exact dimensions of your box, the fonts and text you want and any design details. If you have a specific color in mind, you may want to share the CMYK values, Pantone Colors or a hex code.

Custom Boxes Now! can then create the ideal boxes for your products. If you have trouble getting to this stage, just contact us for help.

Why Choose Custom-Designed Boxes?

While you can order plain boxes to ship or sell your items in bulk, custom boxes offer several advantages:

  • They create a real customer experience.
  • They help your product stand out.
  • They’re eye-catching.
  • They help with branding.
  • The text on the box can contain discounts or other information.
  • Custom boxes may be attractive enough for customers to keep, meaning they can market your company again and again.
  • They may encourage end customers to share their unboxing on social media, offering you free publicity.
  • They help your marketing efforts by making your product attractive.
  • They can make your product a more appealing gift.

When you customize your box, you create an entire experience with the product inside. The text, photos, images or pictures on the exterior can tell a story to get customers excited about your product before they even try it. Plus, custom boxes can help you do some important branding and marketing. With a great box, the unboxing experience is thrilling, and your product becomes memorable and desirable.

Are You Ready to Create Your Perfect Product Box?

Custom Boxes Now! makes it easy to create stunning boxes to reinforce your brand and market your products, whether you sell online or in stores. Use our online box builder online to put together a custom-designed box as unique as your product or contact us with any questions.

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