Overcoming Packaging Challenges – Food Subscription Boxes

No matter the industry or the product, from tee shirts to fly fishing gear to flowers, monthly, weekly, or seasonal subscription boxes are all the rage. But if you’re sending out snacks, jams, cheeses, or pretty much anything else food-related, you know you face more challenging design and shipping issues. Keeping on brand (and cute!) while dealing with the practicalities of shipping perishable items isn’t always easy. Not to worry — we’ve got you covered on how to make your customized packaging as delectable as the treats inside.

Make it Interactive
One of the best ways to keep your customers coming back for more? By printing in-house recipes — options for an appetizer, dinner, or dessert — that your foods can be used in. If you’re shipping completed foods, why not suggest a wine pairing, or include conversation starters and questions that your customers can enjoy alongside your tasty offerings? You’d be surprised just how much of a difference tiny details like this can make to your sales. Just be sure to remain on brand — if you’re a local store, why not tell the story of your founders, or run a feature on a special employee? Run and promote a contest using your goods. If you’re a bakery, let customers know where your ingredients come from. There are a million options.

Form, Function, and Food
You can’t do much about what happens once your package leaves the facility or store, but you can create a box that is durable, insulated, strong, and environmentally friendly. Using recycled materials, especially if you’re a smaller company or business, shows you have high ethical standards and are interested in giving back. Speak to a representative about which kind of box (there are more options than you think) will best serve the needs of your products. Lastly, make sure that you start building brand consistency in your packaging, and show that you’ve taken great care and pride in creating your design. Especially for subscription services, considering switching up your packaging up each time you ship a new selection is a great way to keep customers interested. Keeping things fresh — whether it’s food or packaging design — is the key to lasting success!

Whatever resources your company has, or the kinds of food you’re selling and shipping, the right custom packaging design can influence your sales in a major way. Create something that speaks to the message of your brand, while taking into consideration the consumer who will be opening your package. Keep checking back on our blog to find inspiration for all kinds of packaging options!

To start, configure your box online or contact us and we’ll help you with all your questions.