Subscription Box Ideas to Help Consumers Treat Themselves


One of the best ways to make sure your customers have everything they need? Offer them subscription boxes, the hot gift idea of the year (that keeps on giving throughout the year). Not sure where to start? Don’t worry…in this post, we’re offering you some of our favorite subscription box ideas!

A Date in A Box
Especially when facing a major holiday, couples can feel as though, no matter what kind of date they plan, it won’t live up to the insane expectations of their partners (eh hem, a big sarcastic shout out to reality TV…no, thank you, really).

Help to alleviate shoppers’ stress by planning an awesome date and delivering it right to their loved one’s door. Why not curate a special date they can do right in their living room! Some of our favorite ideas include:

  • recipes with the ingredients included (don’t forget the nice bottle of wine)
  • seeds to grow their own herb garden (maybe pots and paint to decorate)
  • a list of intimate questions to really get the convo flowing

Check out Datebox, one of our Clients of the Month, for even more inspiration!

Makeover Boxes
If your customer has been in the dating game for a while, or if their partner would appreciate them making the effort to spice things up again, a makeover subscription box can help your shoppers feel confident in how they look, and can bring new life to a relationship.

  • For women, we suggest including some face masks, nail polish, eye shadow shades, and of course, some matte lipstick, one of the year’s biggest trends. Just make sure you’re picking items that look great on a variety of skin tones, or that you have options for different shades. Make sure to include links to makeup tutorials or include a small instruction insert with ideas about how to use the products!
  • For men, include a pack of fresh razors, and offer to monogram the handle. You could also include combs, small mirrors, and eyebrow grooming kits (because a lot of men could really use a hint that unibrows are out)!

Encourage Self-Discovery
Whether your shopper has been on an endless dating spree in the hopes of finding the one, or if they’ve been coupled up for years, chances are everyone will appreciate and benefit from a little “me time.”

We love the idea of creating a box that will encourage people to take some time to themselves at least once a month. Items like guided journals, local hiking trail books, bath bombs, candles, or even an awesome DVD or curated playlist can help remind customers of things they enjoy doing just for themselves. To really make sure your items are tailored to your customers’ interests, we suggest having them fill out a quick survey of things they enjoy or would like to learn more about.

One Last Thing…
Don’t forget that the shipping boxes themselves are just as much a part of building the excitement of a subscription box service as the items inside! Make sure that your packaging reflects both the theme of the box as well as your brand as a whole. We suggest printing ideas about what your shoppers can do with the items on the interior of the box lid. Packaging offers you so much space to connect with your customers – be sure to take advantage of it! To get started on your design, or to bounce your ideas off our experts, get in touch with a member of the Custom Boxes Now team today.

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