Five Keys to Selecting the Right Customized Shipping Boxes for Snack Subscription Services

The increasing popularity of mail order snacks and foods has led to a corresponding rise in demand for customized shipping boxes. For companies that specialize in this growing industry, five primary considerations are likely to influence their choices in the cardboard packaging industry:

• Cost per Unit
• Visual Appeal
• Durability & Protection for Fragile Contents
• Easy-open convenience
• Weight Factors & Shipping costs

By taking these factors into account when selecting a supplier for customized shipping boxes, companies can ensure that their food products arrive at their destinations in optimal condition and that these mail-order snack services achieve maximum visibility at every stage of their journey from manufacturer to end user.

Cost per Unit
Finding an affordable source for customized shipping boxes can reduce overhead and boost profitability, especially for companies that operate on relatively low profit margins. By ordering boxes in bulk, it may be possible to reduce the price paid per unit to a level that ensures optimal profitability for mail-order food suppliers.

Visual Appeal
Because the packages shipped by mail-order subscription services are typically viewed by numerous individuals on the way to their destination, the customized shipping boxes used to deliver food, wine and other comestibles can serve as valuable and nearly free advertising for the company and the service provided. By emblazoning corporate logos and descriptions of the delicious items inside on the exterior of these shipping boxes, companies can attract new subscribers for their regular delivery services.

Durability & Protection for Breakable Products
Chips, cookies and other breakable items should be shielded during transit. Customized shipping boxes can be combined with Styrofoam peanuts, paper or other protective inserts to ensure that contents arrive in perfect condition and are ready to be consumed and enjoyed. By opting for corrugated cardboard boxes, mail-order snack basket providers can ensure crush-proof durability for all their shipments and deliveries.

End-User Ease of Opening
Packaging industry experts have identified difficulties in opening boxes and other containers as one of the most important factors for consumer satisfaction. By incorporating easy-open tabs and other methods that provide added accessibility for consumers, food and drink subscription services can please their customers more effectively at no added cost.

Weight Factors & Shipping Cost
Shipping companies, including FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Post Office typically charge by weight for the packages they deliver. By reducing the weight of the actual packaging, food delivery companies can lower their overhead costs for shipping and can enjoy greater profitability and added financial flexibility. The right customized shipping boxes can be a key to success in this increasingly competitive industry.

By integrating these five considerations into the decision-making process when choosing a supplier, your food subscription company can ensure the most appealing containers for your delicious snacks, drinks and other delectable items. The right packaging can attract new subscribers and increase your market share in the modern consumer marketplace.

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