Toilet Paper and Razors: Subscription Boxes for Everyday Necessities

Do you feel like you’re always running to the store every other day to refill your stock of frequently used items? For those little everyday necessities, many companies have combined fabulous packaging with ways to save their customers time—and of course, turn them on to new products—through the creation of subscription boxes. Whether customers are looking for razors, toilet paper, underwear or makeup, the subscription box trend streamlines shopping and keeps customers renewing their services. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the coolest subscription box business ideas we’ve come across.

Harry’s Razors

Let’s face it: you’re not going to get the closest shave with that razor you’ve been using for a month. Harry’s razors are gaining rapid popularity for their low cost and impeccable products (you can even have your initials engraved into the handle). Their subscription box service automatically sends refills based on how often you shave, lets you pick out your preferred products (instead of taking whatever comes with the deal) and gives you the option to choose your desired color of razor. They also make perfect presents for tough-to-shop-for dads or boyfriends. Their minimalist shipping boxes arrive with a simple, blue-green H, and best of all, their shipping is free.

Sudz Club
End the agony of waiting in line for forever at the drugstore every other day. delivers a box of everyday essentials to your door at the start of every month, for a fraction of the cost of that trip to the drugstore. (Bonus: they also deliver to dorm rooms, so you can send a little something to your favorite college student). You can choose the perfect “plan” for you—more basic or a complete restock—filled with items like deodorant, toothbrushes, body wash and even a few snacks! Their trademark bear adorns all their packaging, and they even send a few cloth bag options your way, so you can reuse them!

Bean Box

What’s worse than running out of toilet paper? Running out of coffee. Avoid the early morning angst of realizing you’re out of coffee with Bean Box, which delivers coffee from caffeine-centric Seattle every month. The coffee, which is shipped whole bean to give you maximum freshness, also comes with notes about origin and taste, tips on how to get the best brew and a little something extra to have with your morning cup of Joe! You can choose your desired roast, indicate whether you’d rather have a sampling pack or an individual coffee and find the payment plan that works best for you.

Subscription box services are the perfect way to bring in new customers and highlight your favorite products to encourage sales. Remember, how you package your products is just as important as the contents inside. Whether you want to highlight your logo or create something that uses your company’s colors, we can work with you to create something durable and memorable. If you’re thinking of creating a subscription box service for your company, make sure you switch it up. If customers wanted the same thing every month, they’d just go to the store and buy what they always do. They’ve signed up for a subscription service so they can get out of their routine—not to mention save some time. Be sure to check with us about how to create custom shipping subscription boxes that elevate your brand.

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