Five Top Cardboard Costume Projects to Try This Halloween

Modern cardboard containers can do more than protect items on the way to consumers. These unique cardboard boxes can also serve as the basis for innovative and attractive Halloween costumes this fall. By recycling these materials, you can reinforce green-friendly values with your children while saving money on store-bought products. From traditional favorites to handmade conceptions that figuratively think outside the box, the team at Custom Boxes Now has compiled a list of five of the best costumes for this harvest season.

TOP COSTUME #1:  The Ever-Popular Robot
Square and rectangular boxes of different sizes form the basis for this traditional costume. Depending on your do-it-yourself skill, you can use duct tape or staples to connect the various parts of the costume. Best of all, your young child can decorate the outside with tempura paints to express their own robot vision. For older children, metallic spray paints can be used with supervision to create a more realistic version of these costumes. Dryer vents can provide bendable arms and legs that still look amazingly real for a homemade effort.

TOP COSTUME #2:  Dino Power

Large cylindrical boxes can be adorned with spikes and augmented with a shoebox head to create a convincing dinosaur. Long cardboard tubes can be combined and taped to form a tail for your dynamic dino. For added realism, cutting and pasting scales onto the outside of your costume can provide texture for painted surfaces and can keep little hands busy during the lead-up to Halloween.

TOP COSTUME #3:  Wearable Vehicles
Trains, cars and airplanes are among the most popular toys for little girls and boys. Cardboard boxes make ideal starting points for these costumes and can be cut and taped to create propellers, doors and wings. Corrugated cardboard is preferable for these projects because it can stand up to rough handling during playtime and can often weather even light rain on the big night. Don’t forget to add shoulder straps and leg holes to make this a truly memorable costume.

TOP COSTUME #4:  Lego-Style Building Blocks
Large rectangular boxes can be decorated with traditional Lego colors and designs to create the perfect costume for building block enthusiasts. A box with a cutout for your child’s face can provide the perfect topper for the project. The recent popularity of The Lego Movie can also spur ideas for paint and decorations when constructing this relatively simple project. For added flair, try adding small round boxes to serve as the connector studs; this can add extra realism to your Lego costume.

TOP COSTUME #5:  Up, Up and Away
A large box outfitted with leg holes and decorated to resemble a house or a balloon basket can serve as a costume when helium balloons are tied to the top. This project is especially delightful for younger children who can play with the balloons for several days after Halloween is over. Lunch bags can be filled with air and tied off to serve as lightweight ballast for this clever costume.

At Custom Boxes Now, we specialize in creating unique cardboard boxes for commercial clients across the U.S. By recycling these products, you can spend quality time with your children while ensuring that they have attractive and green-friendly costumes this Halloween.

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