Think Outside the Box… Literally

The sign of a truly creative mind is the ability to transform something ordinary into the extraordinary. Combined with the recent resurgence of upcycled products and an emphasis on a more simplistic design, even a cardboard box can serve as the perfect medium: recently, one artist even recreated a vintage Lincoln Continental from cardboard! No matter your talent level, you can find unlimited ways to turn product boxes into craft projects, games for children and even home décor!

Make New Friends
Cardboard makes a great—and forgiving—canvas for miniature Picassos! Encourage your kids to cut out animal shapes from old boxes, then paint or draw on them to make them as life-like as possible. Glue a popsicle stick to the back and you have an instant puppet! Your children can create an entire pretend zoo from the materials provided by a single product box. Since cardboard is much sturdier than construction paper, their creations will last much longer and can go on far more exciting adventures, and require minimal cleanup.

Make A Celebration Sign
If you have a party coming up, make your guest of honor feel like royalty by making her a personalized banner! Just cut out the desired letters from an old product box, decorate with bolts of glued on fabric, glitter or sequins and use a sturdy clothesline string or twine to connect the letters. No one will ever know it’s just cardboard.

Home Sweet Home
We all remember living in “cardboard houses” as kids, but with a little patience, you can create a cardboard fort that will be an escape for children and adults alike. Measure and cut “planks” of cardboard just as you would another building material, then glue them together to make a curved roof. Next, use a second, larger box to trace the outline of a door, and bring it all together by using the sides of an old box for walls. For more fun, cut out star shapes from the roof and run a battery-operated string of lights across the ceiling.

A Different Kind of Aquarium
If you’ve always wanted fish, but don’t trust yourself with the upkeep, why not use old product boxes to act as a fish tank? Simply remove the top and bottom of the box, hang on a wall with a sheet of blue construction paper (or any backing you like) behind it, and hang either paper or figurine fish from a clear string? No fish food required.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are as an artist, you don’t have to be Picasso to have fun transforming a cardboard box into almost anything you can imagine. Share your masterpieces with us!

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