The Strange Things People Transport in Shipping Boxes (and how they do it)

People use shipping boxes to send all sorts of things to friends, family, customers, and other recipients. What was the last thing you sent in a shipping box? Maybe it was a gift for a loved one, a care package, or a product for a customer; and most likely it wasn’t too out of the ordinary. Perhaps it was clothing, books, CDs, packaged food, or a simple home item.

We all send things like this through the mail all the time. But some people and businesses are shipping much more unusual items, with custom boxes designed for a highly specific purpose. Consider the following examples of out-of-the-ordinary items that people ship – such as plants and foliage and even snow – and how they ship them (including the type of shipping boxes they use).

Delicate Orchids to Your Doorstep
Shipping flowers, foliage, and even fruit trees through the mail is hardly unheard of. There are countless nurseries that operate their business online, either partially or fully, and make it easy to order a variety of seeds and plants to your home. Sending fresh bouquets and floral arrangements to virtually any location in the world is just as easy. This practice has not always been possible for extremely delicate, expensive, and perishable flowers such as orchids, though. But now it is.

Orchid shippers send out their often irreplaceable products in custom boxes that keep the plants securely fastened every winter, with tools such as slats and bubble wrap added for extra support. The real key to keeping orchids alive during shipping has been disposable heater packs, though, which keep orchids from freezing during frigid temperatures. As long as the boxes are opened immediately, and assuming the shipping company takes the utmost care during every step of the way, it’s now completely possible to send a delicate orchid hundreds of miles.

Shipping Snow to Sunnier Locales
What started as a bit of a laugh has turned into a business for a Massachusetts entrepreneur, who has been shipping snow to customers as far away as Florida and California from Manchester-by-the-Sea, which sits about 30 miles outside of Boston. That’s right, shipping snow. After a record-breaking winter in the Northeast, Kyle Waring got an idea to start shipping snow from ice rinks to customers in sunnier locations. His first order consisted of a water bottle full of snow that sold for $20, but he has since moved on to six-pound and ten-pound packages of snow that start at $89 plus shipping (which ranges from $15-$20 per package of snow). He’s even figured out the right packaging to maintain the snow’s cold temperature during shipping.

These are just two examples of the strange things people transport in shipping boxes, but there are countless more unusual items being mailed across the country and across the globe every day. As long as it’s legal, and as long as you’re working with a quality custom box manufacturer able to get creative in its designs, few factors should hold you back from shipping whatever you can imagine.

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