Shedding a Few Pounds with Lightweight Chipboard Boxes

Swimsuit season may be over, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have to watch our weight…at least, when it comes to our boxes and packaging!

Are you looking for more lightweight cardboard packaging, but aren’t sure if a lighter option will still properly protect your products during the shipping process?

Are you tired of shipping your durable, smaller products in packages that look like they’re ready for armed combat?

We hear this a lot, so we thought now would be a great time to talk about chipboard boxes and start the conversation on how this lighter option can not only protect whatever you’re shipping, but can also be used to create gorgeous packaging.

1. Lighten The Load
Don’t let the name fool you – chipboard doesn’t actually contain any wooden chips. Instead, it’s made from recycled paper that’s been pressed into a new packaging material. Generally, one side of the chipboard is a bit more durable than the other, making it ideal for lighter products or those that simply don’t require a lot of extra padding. In contrast, corrugated cardboard boxes are a bit thicker, as they are made from two flat cardboard pieces, with a fluted layer of padding between them.

2. Then Package It Up!
Now that you know the difference between chipboard and corrugated cardboard, let’s discuss what types of items work best with lightweight cardboard boxes and chipboard. Chipboard is especially ideal for items requiring a partition. Are you shipping several of the same item, like ornaments, thicker glassware, or even some cosmetics? If you’re not particularly worried about items breaking during their journey, but feel the products would benefit from a partition, then consider a chipboard insert. Plus, chipboard inserts can make products look all the more organized and sleek upon their arrival. And it’s much cheaper than ordering individual boxes for every item!

3. Pack A Big Punch!
You already know from reading our previous blogs just how important the first impression your packaging makes is to winning both customer satisfaction and loyalty. Don’t think for a minute that just because chipboard is more lightweight, that we can’t decorate it with your brand’s logo, motto, and whatever else you’d like to display. When using chipboard packaging (since the goal is already to keep the boxes lightweight) many companies opt for “cut-away” options in the packaging. This means that your product can shine through the packaging through the use of a sheer panel, or simply all on its own! We’ve found this works especially well with certain products, when you want customers to get a feel for the texture of what you’re offering. And if you want to get truly creative, we’ve even seen some brands die-cut their chipboard into unexpected shapes that match the narrative of their brand. When it comes to chipboard, the possibilities are endless.

There’s no need for your lightweight or durable product to arrive with more packaging than is necessary. Cut down on bulk, lower your costs, and even do some good for the environment by exploring chipboard and other lightweight packaging options.

To start your own project, configure your chipboard box online or request a custom quote and we’ll help you with all your questions.