POP! The Fun Page of Bubble Wrap Facts and Games

Since it’s invention in 1957, Bubble Wrap has protected packages and fragile items and entertained people of all ages. Invented by Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding, The Sealed Air Corporation owns the Bubble Wrap trademark. Generic “bubble wrap” manufacturers refer to their products as “bubble wrapping” or “air bubble packing”. The bubbles in bubble wrapping wary in size from as small as 1/4 inch to a full inch in diameter and are probably most appreciated for the satisfying popping sound they make when compressed.

What Type of Bubble Wrap Popper Are You?

Most everyone loves to pop all the bubbles in a sheet of bubble wrap when they find themselves in possession of any, but the way we do the popping may be different for all of us. Here are a few of the common “popper” profile types:

  • The Stomper – This is all those people whose favorite way to burst their bubbles is to lay their sheet of bubble wrap on the group and jump, stomp, or just walk all over it until all their bubbles have popped.
  • The Basher – This type of popper is the person who smashes their bubble wrap with either a fist, or another type of object against a hard surface.
  • The Wringer – Wringers like to roll a big sheet of bubble wrap and then twist.
  • The Crusher – If you grab a big handful of bubble wrapping and squeeze until you’ve crushed all the bubbles you can this may be you.
  • The Dainty Popper – Dainty poppers like to either pop a single bubble at a time by using their thumb and forefinger, or they may squeeze the bubbles over to the side with a rolling motion.

Bubble Types

Just like there are types of bubble poppers, there are also a variety of bubble types to play with and enjoy!

  • Snappies – Loud and easily popped bubbles.
  • Fighters – The fighter bubbles flatten without popping even after you struggle and struggle to get them to burst.
  • Wooshers – The woosher bubbles are the least fun and just flatten without popping. They get their name from the quiet “wooosh” sound they make as they flatten.
  • Buddies – The buddy bubbles are those bubbles that when compressed just fill the adjacent bubble instead of popping.
  • Edges – The edge bubbles can be half, third, quarter, or most any size bubble that lines the edge of the bubble wrap sheet.

Bubble Wrapping Etiquette

It’s important to know what is proper and what isn’t when it comes to bubble wrapping. Offer to share your bubble wrap, especially if it’s with a child. Always share your bubble wrapping with children, even if it’s difficult. It will give them great joy and that should bring you joy in return, even though you don’t have the opportunity to pop the bubbles yourself. Do not pop bubble wrap that isn’t yours. Other people love bubble wrap too and to take something that doesn’t belong to you is not the least bit polite. Avoid popping bubble wrapping in quiet places. While it may seem fun to startle those around you with the loud pop it probably wouldn’t be appreciated in places like libraries.

Bubble Wrap Fun and Games