How Warner Music Group Used Boxes to Promote a Country Music Artist

The possibilities for corrugated boxes and other types of packaging are virtually unlimited thanks to the modern design and manufacturing capabilities available today. Packaging can do much more than merely provide basic information about and safeguard a product for sale until the consumer is ready to purchase and use it. Packaging can be part of the consumer experience, such as with the carefully designed packaging Apple uses for its iPhones. Packaging can also be used to cross-promote.

Take a recent promotion from Warner Music Group, for example, that promoted Blake Shelton’s music as well as the recent Country Music Association Awards which aired on November 5, 2014. This marketing campaign is proof that boxes can do much more than simply hold an item.

Warner Music Group’s Cross-Promo Packaging
The recent Country Music Association Awards ceremony, hosted by Blake Shelton, was an important event that needed promotion to increase viewership. Warner Music Group used specially designed boxes to promote Blake Shelton and spread the word about the then-upcoming CMA Awards. Items like the Blake Shelton CMA Past, Present & Future Promo CD Box make a statement about the artist, the event, and Warner Music Group’s brand, all while enhancing the customer experience.

Types of Boxes to Choose From for Your Next Promo Campaign
There are many types of corrugated boxes with high-end printing that retailers can use to grab their customers’ attention with visually stunning graphics and carefully crafted marketing messages. Here are a few of the options you may want to consider to serve dual purposes with your packaging, just as Warner Music Group did with Blake Shelton CMA boxes.

  • Four Color Process Printed Mailer Boxes – These are perfect for online retailers looking to leave a lasting impression on customers and inform them about upcoming promotions without ever having them in your physical retail space.
  • Four Color Process Print, Laminated on C-Series Box – The C-Series box offers all the benefits of a four color process printed box with a convenient and attractive outside packaging design.
  • Four Color Process Print, Laminated on C-Series Tuck Box – If you want to make sure your products stay well “tucked in” as you ship, store, sell, and cross-promote, the C-Series Tuck Box may be your best bet.
  • Four Color Process Print, Laminated on RSC Box – This specialty printed box is ideal for cross promotions with a striking, durable design and wide range of stylistic possibilities.
  • Four Color Printed Specialty Die Cut Boxes – If you’re looking for a printed retail box that can be used to cross-promote while giving customers a sneak peak at what’s inside, this is the box for you.

What Retailers Can Learn from Warner’s CMA Packaging?
There are many things retailers can take away from this promotional campaign, starting with the importance of thinking about the future and taking advantage of seasonal opportunities. Retailers can also take away a lesson about the importance of cross-promotion. Even small businesses can use their product packaging to serve a dual purpose, such as announcing upcoming sales, special events, or new products.